Completing the Cycle

Miami says ...
Yes, that is true. Thought is not doing.

Thought becomes doing.

The question is where the creation occurs,
it occurs at the point of thought,
even though we obseve it
at the point of worldly sensing.


Will is required to bring what is created into the world we sense. (the out breath of #doing).

See also the demon sloth. The other side of doing. null
While not doing one may be hanging out in thinking & feeling.


Hence mark’s magic bullet (Just do it!) is will.

Will is not often easy to find. Other things can be mistaken for it, both on the outside, and on the inside. Other things which short circuit the loop to that side.

But if one thinks of “will” as being the out breath of #doing, bringing the already thought and created thing into physical manifestation, then the “will” component can be easier to find. Literally, one can physically breath in, and breath out, and visualize while doing so (a yoga practice) and by feeing the physical sensations of that process match it to the components of the #doing cycle and come to know the out breath (the will) more intimately. 

not my magic bullet … nike!  I align with Peter Ralston’s 

The consciousness commands & the body obeys!

Let’s see you do that void of will!

Go ahead, demonstrate.  

i think of that as something else entirely

See if you can find will null – you are still #ThumbWrestling .

i have a different take on “consciousness” than both of you guys.  maybe in another thought that can be elaborated … i don’t want to dilute this thought with that one.

Yep Peter Ralston has 3 books on it. 

… and I have said much on it too! It is the way of us to know and to say.  

xor not know & say anyway . ‘cuse the #RWGBait

I know as well as #PR, as well as #RS, as well as Lao Tzo. We all do. We either access the knowledge and speak it ( Just do it ) or we watch others run the mile in the Nike shoes.

Are you a spectator or an athlete? We each choose.

 Not sure where you are going with that diagram. #doing is a cycle and as such, a simple circle, and as so creates a simple sine wave in time as it goes around. You seem to be putting things in very odd places, not in the manner of a cycle.

& then there are #KnowItAlls null …. → #RWGBoomerang back to you.

to see it as a cycle, look at it here or in another #TetModel diagram where the arrows are drawn in a cycle.  this diagram is just illustrating the entire manifested spirit as the tree that mark found … using the same terms as used in your thought which i quoted.

The current diagram does not breathe, for instance, will and senses take off from the same point. A simple circle around the tree would breathe.

Yes, so? Like #PR … those that know.  

you are just squiggling the map around differently.   in my map will and senses do not take off from the same point.  it is way too easy to distinguish the two … they even happen at different times.  breathing is something that the whole being does … like you say willing something outside is breathing out … sensing something from outside is breathing in. 

Okay, so why not make the diagram simple so that it is easy to see at a glance?

Why not KISS it? So anyone can understand easily? (Keep It Simple Sir)  ?

Maybe this is the magic bullet mark is actually looking for. The difference between being on the field, and being in the stands.

#nope!  none of that – keep going though. #RWGBoomerang onward. ~ 32 minute turnaround this time.

#shucks the old error where a though with lots of widgets on top of it can no longer be edited is happening here … at least in Firefox.

well it is simpler if you don’t try to include the tree … yet the tree really gives your thought a pop … so sorry if you can’t see it … but shucks, i see it … draw it better and see if you can see it … and even if i can see it better in your picture.  that is, after all, #art.

Tree works for me.

Cycle of doing