Cycle of doing


Yeah i null it … a better truth indeed null

i would include “sensing” 
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it is experienced when the sense inform beliefs inside
it is an aspect of breating in

i would put #RingsTrue 
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it is an internal experience
the world is has already informed
also can be experienced even when no interaction with the world is happening


Senses are purely physical and the sensory information comes in at the apex of the outside breath. That is the entry point for sensory information, the playing of the movie of reality, the stopping of “you” at the outside top of the sine wave. That stopping allows information to enter from what is not just you, from the self-contained worlds of others.

Once you are having an experience, the sensory information is already in your being, traveling back to your inner self via the in breath. The in breath IS the experience.

Perception, however, is the whole thing. Or better said, you perceive at all 4 points of the circle.

As Tesla showed in physics, information can exchange at two points in a cycle. Think of this as a pendulum. When the pendulum stops at either apex, it is actually at complete rest for a moment. In that moment, information can transfer between what is inside (you) and what is outside (otherness). Sensory information transfers at the apex of the outside breath. Direct knowing transfers at the apex of the inside breath.

Also like the pendulum, the most is going on at the bottom of the stroke. This is the experience happening on one side, and the next will-manifestation event on the other side. Both of those are very dynamic and during them no information is transferring between your being and anything that is not your being … because your state of being is in such activity that nothing could bridge the gap. It would be like trying to add momentum to a child on a swing at the bottom of the stroke instead of at either top. Only in the two moments of complete inaction can outside information enter your being. 

At least, this is the normal state for a human being experiencing and affecting reality. Normally a human being is in a breathing cycle of doing, a wheel of activity rolling along. In deep meditation, however, the whole being is brought to rest, and information can transfer continuously. The highest form of this is nirvana, complete connection and knowing with ALL THAT IS, inner and outer.

#RingsTrue is simply the vibrational harmony that occurs when the outer eye and the inner eye are experiencing the same thing. It is the same note of vibration on both sides. So I model it as a 2 way arrow at the boundary between.

okay, good point #RingsTrue goes better at 3 oclock null
thought not necessarily for the reasons you give .

Anyway i have been playing with that one today …
works better by understanding it at 3 oclock in the cycle
#thanks → nathan

#SethHmmm … #TooComplexToContemplate at the moment.

As much as it is nice that you have found something, I did not intentionally place #RingsTrue at 3 oclock. I put it at the boundary between inner and outer.

3 oclock is will, manifestation happening, the place where created reality becomes reflected reality. It is very dynamic there (like the bottom of a pendulum swing). It is not a place of sensing, it is a place of pure will happening. It is where you are breathing out what you have created into being. So I don’t see how an apparent perception, like #RingsTrue, could live at 3oclock. 

I see #RingsTrue as being a dual perception. It is what happens when outer sensory perception and inner knowing perception are both giving an identical result.

okay … the vibration (the feeling) can happen at both 3 and 9 Oclock null

and i hasten to add …. also at 6 … then it is not #against/with the #world… rather it is #AgainstWith #self.

Okay. I am not sure what that means though. I have said that perception is "the whole thing”. Breaking that down as to a perception happening in one place or another seems to be outside the metaphor of this model. The model breaks down the components of doing into a cycle where each part of doing something can be seen relative to all other parts … and includes the different kinds of information coming into the cycle and where they enter.

But isn’t it all perceiving? As you say, you might get #RingsTrue at 3 and 9 and 6, and why not 12 too? It is all perception.

The model can tell you “what” #RingsTrue is, but not where it enters as your perception.

you cannot feel in otherness … that is for otherness to do in and of itself. 
that would be like you substituting your feeling for mine.
#FeelsTrue cannot be in the world … that is for the world to feel. 

I cannot #FeelsTrue at Noon null

I am lost. Where did #FeelsTrue come from? This is the first time I have heard of it … seemingly out of nowhere.

#FeelsTrue ==  #RingsTrue  same as in your cycle  … sorry that my  fingers typed it differently.

The nice thing about this model is that it more clearly identifies “will” as something. Will has been traditionally hard to identify. Philosophers have struggled with a good definition of it for centuries. Most people agree it exists and have an intuitive feel for it, but can’t so easily put it into words and when they actually try to use “will”, most don’t do anything at all except turn red in the face.

This model shows how will is the act of manifestation. It is like the cutting room. It is where the, perhaps hundreds of hours of footage, of all possible scenes, are whittled down, ordered and sequenced, into the final 2 hour movie.  It is the the final “production”.

Then, the movie is complete, and is fed into the senses at 12 o-clock, the null point, where information can enter. Next, we watch the movie as the experience of breathing it in, the happening, the transformation into inner knowing, that happens across the in breath at 9 o-clock.

And that stimulates new thoughts and new creation (new takes) at 6 o-clock and the cycle repeats … another frame of reality is produced.

Yes absolutely as to this clarifying the #will we always knew was there null.

i have also been thinkin that these diagrams are being useful to tease out our differences in choices.

for example …

Then, the movie is complete, and is fed into the senses at 12 o-clock, the null point, where information can enter. Next, we watch the movie as the experience of breathing it in, the happening, the transformation into inner knowing, that happens across the in breath at 9 o-clock.


does not match up with my choices at all.   There being no “feed into my senses happening at 12 o-clock”.  

That appears to me, to be,  just your peculiar thingy. 

It’s there. You only first have to agree to even look for it. You will never see something you never look for. It is not just me saying this either. It is well known knowledge in the teachings of Zen and virtually all the other initiate level understanding.

You may not want to look for it, but just saying you don’t experience it without an authentic looking is only saying you have a direction you don’t want to look in.

well okay i think i know what your are talking about … and have found it.   but you carry it to an extreme that does not obtain.  my perceptions are created both by the world -AND- by myself.  if you say “you feed your creations back into your senses”, you are ignoring the world’s part of what is perceived.

it is true that a baby learns what is out there in the world by grasping it with his hands …
but it is not just its grasping hands which create the world.

… and in any case. The information has to get into your senses somewhere in the cycle. Senses translate various forms of vibration into something our being perceives. Those patterns of vibration have to come from somewhere and into what we call senses. Seeing that it is will that is producing what the senses perceive and then calling it a movie being fed into the senses is no big metaphor leap.

Any system would need some form of modeling these elements no matter what you call them.

Information from others comes in at the same 2 points. Both as sensory information, and as direct knowing (such as what a psychic knows). This model is representing a cycle of doing for an individual, but does not exclude information from others. All information enters at those 2 points, and no where else without special conditions such as deep mediation which can stop the wheel turning.

well okay the metaphor works …
as long as it is not carried too far where it does not.

i create my image of the world as i sense it …
is not to be construed  into
i alone create the world by myself.

Notice how this model also “reflects”. Notice how what is below, unseen, the tree’s roots, are a close representation of what is above, seen, the trees branches. It is not so hard to see how what is above is a refection of what is below.

One can even imagine how changes that are eventually seen in the leaves of the tree begin as change in the roots and what they take in from the soil. The visible part of the tree reflects what starts under the ground.

i guess you realize that is was mark
who first flashed this image in this context. 

#thanks → mark

i think me saying that “we null it”
is not too much of a #birdie

”i alone create the world by myself” - Seth

Yet again, in this seeming ever continuing yo-yo … I never said that.

I say that reality is your experience of it and you are the creator of your experience. That is not saying that you create “the world by yourself”. If there were no others, you would be creating nothing at all … you would have nothing to play off of … you would exist in a void with nothing even to stimulate imagination.

okay … absolutely null

… but i did not say that you said that null

Perhaps not this exact time, but you have said words to that effect describe how I model things, and if it is not what you are implying, why bring up the exception at all? Bringing up an exception in that context implies you have difference with what I am presenting.

well the he said, she said aspect of this is not important to me.  

maybe chalk it up to, “i am afraid that you do” … i’ll own that one null

Hey, I don’t do the ego stroking thing most do when people change their minds. You are welcome to change all you want, and own it. It’s yours and worthy of you.

You are the one who said “does not match up with my choices at all” ... and you are either talking about that or you have changed. I don’t have a stake in that either way. I know what I know. You know what you know. I only ask you to own what you know and own what you change … straight up.

Well i have not changed my mind about …

There is no #RingTrue  for me at  NOON.

That is not where it rings to/for me.


metaphorically speaking of course null…. but i will give it some thought in any case … #sethhmmm 

but as i think about it i notice that the statement is too generalized to be of much value. 
i would need to drill down to examples.  not really time for that now. 

but it just dawned on me that …

a #judgement is a misrepresentation
of a #RingingTrue happening in me
as a  ringing happening in the #world.

as such it is a #LIE

It is not a #LIE unless it is a deliberate misrepresentation of what a person believes.

I don’t know why you guys are so loose with the word lie. As you guys brander it around it almost has no meaning at all sans a shade of grey. You guys seem to use the word #LIE as just a catch all … you might as well use the word “contrast” … it would equally replace all the places you use the word “lie” … except that the word lie implies judement and so is very caustic to use for shades of grey like this.

it doesn’t matter to me what one would call it.   that appears, to me, to be a dodge.  

in my case, since i know it is a misrepresentation, it would be a #LIE even by your definition.

I notice that as i speak for myself, i can make my words ring truer to myself …
perhaps even to you … but that part i do not know …
for that part is #otherness in the #world to me
i can not hear that ringing over there.

I cannot emulate that level of toxicity any longer. It is not good for my body. You are going to have to go it alone.

null null null

There are lots of ways to breathe.  I can breath in deeply and then release and breathe out.  I can push my breath on the out stroke.  I can pull my breath on the in stroke.   i can breath deeply in.  i can breath deeply out.  i can hold my breath.

This morning as i woke up to do my little  watch for my #will for the day i noticed that ...
if i pushed my breath as i breathed  out,   i excited my #will.  I did not procrastinate.


#shucks back to work … “Newsletter Mailing System” needs to be recorded … there being no way that i can figure out how to change a sequence in FoxPro while i am using that same sequence to remove dupes … oh well, a second pass for that is #nbd. 

Notice how a runner pushes on the out stroke.

null #sethhmmm this might even lead to a #PlasticHabit to mod(#will) via mod(#breathing) …
now wouldn’t that improve a #LoaSwim null

#ThisIsGood #breathing

Google it & you may find whose it was originally. It is interesting the tree structure above the ground grows leaves in the air reaching to the heavens & conversely that below grows more roots & absorbs the water & minerals & humus & points to the center of the Earth.

It is on so it is safe to use.  

Yep others have it a shutterstock . I freely use any images in google images. Was not taking claim for it either .

mark is credited not with the image itself, but for being the first to flash the image in this context null.

it might be interesting to become aware of precisely where he did that null

I freely use any images in my reality. I do take responsibility for it.  

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Oh null … which comment specifically was that ?

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There is a 4-stroke breathing process also.  Breath in count of 4, hold for count of 4, breath out for count of 4 , Hold for a count of 4 (then repeat) .  Some use other counts & skip parts of the cycle. google pranayama apps
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