Run away thought creation.

It has only happend twice. Don’t know what does it.

But when you see your browser running away creating a thought over and over and over.

Please reload it or kill it to stop it!

Thanks. Seth just let his browser cycle and create over 200 thoughts! null


it may have had something to do with two hash tags being in both the title and the widgets. … and/or the fact that i could not edit the thought and change the title.

Yes. It happened once to me, when I was creating the glossary term for #GW … and I think maybe it had a duplicate in thought and title in that one too. Good clue.

yes stopped after i killed the browsers and didn not reload with that thought in the room.   

anyway do you want to go delete the phantom duplicates in the db … or should do it? … takes me a lot longer as you may know.

I can’t do it right now. But I can probably do it easier than you can later. I can make a SQL query to do it and run it in the console.