A simplified newsletter system


null … mostly ”A simplified newsletter system” is about how speaktomecatalog gets from here to there.  currently we have about 55k email addresses most of which are total junk.   when i am through we will have < 4k for effective honest mailings.   this is about money, not about the fastest or slikest way to get something off my desk.  then too, me i have to fight my deamons of loosing focusing on things that are more interesting … like “Cycle of doing” … or even #Trump … or even #RingsTrue.   anyway when i am through i can go with your monkey or whatever else is cheeper and more efficient … and it will be sustainable null

So all you need is to filter the junk out of your list?

Where is your list?

What defines an email as junk?

most of that has already been done and it would slow me down to go over it with you now.

No it wouldn’t. Each of those can be a 1 sentence or less answer.

You will spend more time saying you don’t want to go over that, and proving it to me, than the simple answers.

Whatever the real reason you said that above, you are not telling it authentically.

So all you need is to filter the junk out of your list?
  • yes clean up the list
  • get my domain off the blocked list
  • format the file for the mailing service
  • make sure the procedure can be done again and again with very little effort and does not just accumlate more junk but cleans itself up as it goes
Where is your list?
in local FoxPro db +  inmotion online SQL db

What defines an email as junk?
structural verification + “#EmailListVerify”  ( #EmailListVerify ) – duplicates

anyway back to work ...