Cast Aside Victimhood in Politics

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victimhood (google define)
noun: victimhood
  1. the state of being a victim.
    "the society nurtures a sense of victimhood"

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Taking a stand is an interesting way of being.null XOR to become 

 See Excellent on staying in character and the deliciousness of being with others … almost the exact same words said in the video.  

Yeah, the difference is an Act versus a Stand . See also the previous thought 17588 – Werner was teaching his version of integrity in the 70’s before .

Did you listen to the whole video? The word “act” was being used, and related to the title, because the question came from an actor and the acting metaphor was being used. But, the actual content given is in the nature of a stand, as you indicate.

Yeah it doesn’t really matter what we call it, just as long as we are talking about the same thing null

I like the word “stand” (or “stance”) because it connotes a larger perspective than “act”.

In the literature of our time in a slightly different context from (  #WernerErhard #WernerErrhard #WernerErhard   et all)’s … this has gone as #intensional vs ( #extensional #ExtensionalStance ) ← note the spelling … it is intentional null

… but me i prefer my #intentional stance.

As  I  think, feel, and act #intentionally then I am taking #responsibility for my life.

is it not just that simple?

The nice/neat thing about a stand is it needs no authority other than YOU behind it. No channels, no namedropping AND it gets stronger the more you live in integrity.

Others may ethos arguments but YOU know from whence it all comes. nullnull

Is not intention back in the will thingy?

i don’t know if it is just the #will to  act in the world … more like the total gestalt including even thinking and feeling and intuition … you know, the deep stuff that we really can’t talk about and know what the other is saying and/or hearing.

#intending with or #against the world is something i do
with a courage
summoned from the depths of my being.


Well usages these days is that intention may or not happen; kinda wishy-sashy.  “I intended to pass the healthcare act but it didn’t happen ...etc.” 

well that one  goes in my category 

I am not all there is.


tag #Trump #AHCA #aca #IAmNotAllThereIs 

Werner, however, does not make that distinction & extends integrity into leadership; elsewhere pinpointed in fbi.

Well i have that covered since ...

I am a variable


Check out Cycle of doing.

Intention is at the 6 o-clock position. Will is at the 3 o-clock position. They are not the same and they do not represent the same kind of process in being. Intention is pure creating. Giving a direction component to creative energy. Will is breathing out, the transfer of what is created into manifestation, so that senses can obtain a representation of it.