I am not all there is.



That is completely true!  

And, at the same time, all that IS exists inside you.

In thought I quote from the Werner days: thought 17523

It is well to remember that the entire universe, with one trifling exception, is composed of others.
John Andrew Holmes

nathan that would be a contradiction that i cannot abide since i am that which is inside my being, so were that to be true, then i would be all there is, but i just told you that i am not nullnull

When you are able to resolve that contradiction in a way that you honestly feel it and are able to apply it to practical involvments in your experience, you will have transcended a boundary of dimensional perception within your being.  No hurry.

… so you say, my friend, so you say.  but you are just doing #VooDoo.

Look ...

I get a true feeling that
i am the entire universe #intending
what i am #intending right here and now.  

But that true feeling does not contradict that #IAmNotAllThereIs .  
When you #grock that, then maybe you will stop doing your little #VooDoo trip on me.

It is really easy to say someone is doing voodoo, witchcraft, or just call them crazy and lock them up, when they do a thing you don’t personally comprehend, or have a clear idea you cannot hold. The true pioneers in human history are the ones who do what they know, go where they can see something different, regardless of how many others can see it or not.

I can see how the above is not a contradiction and I can apply that knowledge. I will continue to expand that understanding and perspective no matter if you obtain it or not.  

well my friend i know what the #magik of #VooDoo is and how it works on people.  
i know what you are doing. 
The former pattern matches the latter pattern.  

Hey !! … newnew information null  → sorry your #VooDoo does not work on me.
  … but i love null playing with shit like that anyway null

NASCAR drivers don’t need #VooDoo to make left turns. The track they are on won’t allow them any other choice. null

NASCAR drivers are on a track.

I am not.

Not even the one that you are on. 

Douglas Roycroft – friend of Larry D – explained VooDoo simply – as inducted paranoia.  Simarly in an AC novel Moonchild .  If you believe such that you can harm another by giving them a grain of corn ( be thou fruitful & multiply) then you will fear people giving you grains of corn. 

note that the other needs to believe in your #VooDoo for it to work on them.  it is not a one way ticket to omnipotence.

Invoking #VooDoo as the reason or means or behavior of someone is really playing the fear card. It is saying “I am afraid you could affect me and I deny it”.

Without fear, #VooDoo is only a word with lots of oo’s in it.  

… & let the Games begin:
Free yourself & get rid of beliefs ! Don't be a BELIEF robot - M.R.

Notice how that happens too. Right here is a great example.

Someone get’s afraid. Sometimes at a deeper level than they are even aware. And … the games begin.  

Without fear, fear of being controlled (mark?) or fear of being unaccepted (seth?) … there is no game to play.  

not at all … me telling you that your #VooDoo is not working on me … is just information to you … it does not imply that i am afraid that it would null … that last attempt being an example of same.

If you were not afraid of something, you would not even be playing the #VooDoo card. You ought to own that even if you want to do it.

& (Nathan?) ….. I don’t have that fear – do you?
Free yourself & get rid of beliefs ! Don’t be a BELIEF robot - M.R.

… okay sorry, me i have better things than to play that game null with you now.

i think i fixed my bug in the conversion program … going to test is now … wish me luck null

nathan is behind the times … he has yet to notice that I am sooo over a fear of being controlled …
but anyway, me thinks,  that he “intends?”  to leverage his illusion of my fear for his own grandeur null

… okay, woopse had to reread,

the same goes for “a fear of being unaccepted” … i am soo over that as well only maybe more soooo.

but you are right nathan about #VooDoo working on fear null … i had forgotten that part of it in what i said.

#btw the fear that you keep trying to leverage against me with your left-turn-#VooDoo #MakeShitUp is a “fear of not being enlightened” … also a fear that i have given up some time ago … ask me how i did it some day … that might be a more interesting story.

tag #VooDoo #VooDooDolls #enlightenment #fear #paranoia

I have no interest in your fears. I would have an interest into leveraging you out of your box, but that is only so that we can interact in the greater possibilities available out in the next layer. You have spent a lifetime in the layer you are in (re these subjects) so is it not time to explore something new? The next layer of onion outside the box, the one you keep left turning to stay inside, is many many layers from enlightenment. I would never expect anyone to get to enlightenment, including me. In fact, I am not trying … I am happily exploring my own onion layer right now. I did not come her to be enlightened, I came here from the place of enlightenment. I am not trying to crawl back into the womb. I am here to explore and create and when I have completed a level, move on.  

looks good so far null

woopse !


Maybe others have an interest in leveraging YOU out of YOUR box! … just saying.

I have well described what I can see as the outside of your box.

So then, if you can see it, describe what is the outside of mine. Otherwise, you are only doing #TuQuoque  

XOR something else – apparently ! Some who would adjust others do so to avoid looking at their own. AND even when they look at their own they make their box stronger. …. just saying

you mean like you just did there? null That thing?

Nope just your unending #RWGBoomerang – thwak!

I think that thing up there was “it”. I think you id “it”. In fact, you know you did. I know that too!

more #jibberish Miami null