breathing as a method to effect will

Seth says ...
There are lots of ways to breathe.  I can breath in deeply and then release and breathe out.  I can push my breath on the out stroke.  I can pull my breath on the in stroke.   i can breath deeply in.  i can breath deeply out.  i can hold my breath.

This morning as i woke up to do my little  watch for my #will for the day i noticed  ...
if i pushed my breath as i breathed  out,   i excited my #will.  I did not procrastinate.

Notice how a runner pushes on the out stroke.

null #sethhmmm this might even lead to a #PlasticHabit to mod(#will) via mod(#breathing) …
now wouldn’t that improve a #LoaSwim null

#ThisIsGood #breathing
goo idea null ?


YES. I am happy to see you found this on your own.

You might notice that I said pretty much that same thing over in Completing the Cycle (comment 74829) and a bit in The art of doing (comment 74755).

… and I also elaborated in several ways on The art of doing (comment 74749) and The art of doing (comment 74750).