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Seth says ...
socratic seminar teaching technique

prize inquiry over information and discussion over debate


A good start, but rather last century, and before. Socrates had his moment.  

Now we ...

Prize direct knowing over inquiry. No one will ever know better than you do, for no one is in your shoes but you, and whatever you turn your mind to and question, you will get a direct answer to if you only allow it to come.

Prize diversity (the realization that each person IS a self contained reality with different rules) over discussion. We don’t have to agree. We don’t have to be in each others business either. We can be ourselves, and then meet, and do whatever we want together.  

The idea that we have to compete, for truth, for ideas, for resources, for knowledge, even for consensus … that time is fading fading fading … lost in another era, like the dinosaurs. 

You my friend, may think my behavior contradicts what I said in the last comment. But that is only because your beliefs have not caught up yet. If you observe me interacting with someone who is fully up to speed with these beliefs, you will see our interaction representing exactly what I describe above.

However, when I am faced with those who have older beliefs, I am shackled by their beliefs in what I can present to them, and what I can do … unless I go outside beliefs and use my presence of vibration to “raise the mood” … which sometimes I do, even here.  

Mostly though, all I do here is rattle boxes, profusely! It’s in the contract. You guys wanted to open your own boxes, not have me click my fingers and make them disappear (as I could do). So you contracted me to keep banging, until you find your own way out, no matter how much you shout about the noise. p.s. you contracted #GW to forge your boxes solid, so, yet again, you would be faced with opening them entirely on your own, and so he did. I simply call that #GW’s legacy. You, more than likely, call it paternal issues. See, you can know these things directly. Just ask with an authentic heart … and allow an authentic answer, and your boxes will dissolve and you will know.

#OMG you make so many #assumptions … and have so many #beliefs …
and make so many #judgements
about that which you #experience absolutely nothing.

it is astounding indeed ! null null

Well look at this. I provide you with real answers. I give you the keys to the universe. And all you are focusing on is the package they are coming in. Phooy!

If I gave you a bar of gold, and told you what color underwear you were wearing and that they were on backwards, you would be so focused on the fact that I shouldn’t be able to know about your underwear that you wouldn’t even notice the bar of gold you left behind!

Life is not your indignation of it. Life is where you focus. Focus on what expands your life (like this phrase), not on what mis-matches your beliefs about what others should be doing (like this phrase). ← #btw … that is VooDoo (Vortex Doing) … if you do it, you will expand into your vortex.  

XOR believe a bunch of #gibberish and #DoubleTalk.  The people at Contrived Platitudes could probably use your talents. nullImage may contain: 1 person, text