Wisdom - It's What's Missing from a simple NOW based Ontology

Wisdom was oft in the ancient Greek mythology thought of as the goddess Sophia. 
          σοφία – See the RS elib search  & here 
XOR modern usage words from the thesaurus (most of which lose the point). 


Another thought from this AM entry into consciousness:
Words are such peculiar things. A sequence of letters (or pictures in the case of ming & Egyptian hieroglyphics) which are intended to communicate mind contents & mind contents about the world outside – often accompanied by air patterns (consonants & vowels) from the larynx & oral cavity.

it is not the letters or pictures or air patterns that communicate … but that these get #associated to the “mind contents” with which they are intended to mean.  sans that #association, they are #meaningless and would not communicate at all.

This wallaby focus is on the vehicle not the driver or where he is going. I got it while using the secret script to write a word in my mind while arising this am.null #association is just another word with a pound sign in from of it; a generalization at best of 1.5k other ideas.

gotta go null later.

my point is that it is “the driver” and not “the vehicle” where best to focus when thinking about words …
because just about any “vehicle” will do …
which “vehicle” is arbitrary.  

OK so you missed the wallaby.  The vehicle is the peculiarity I am talking about.  Arbitrary ? Maybe. Maybe not.  Something like the sense of speech & language is involved. null

okay, sorry i did miss it … i still don’t get your wallaby here. 
Are you saying that there is some sound that is missing from our “now based ontology” ?

Nope! rather than writing my 2nd epiphany this AM in a different place I put it here.

okay … maybe i do get it … “words are patterns of breathing out to communicate to the outside” … is that it?   null

Wisdom is not missing from a NOW ontology, at least not mine. It is “built in”. Wisdom is there, always known, always maintained, by higher self, by source, by what is handing you the emotion of excitement. Far more wisdom, in fact, than a human can record and keep track of in the cells of their conscious brain.

We were never meant to do all the bookkeeping of living. Our consciousness is not well designed or adapted to it. We are here, we are meant, to experience life, to imagine, to add to the whole, to be. The rest is already taken care of and only needs simple allowing to kick in.

that is certainly a #comfortable #belief to hold on #Faith …

me, i take responsibility for my part of creating humanity …
which is not so comfortable …
yet more exciting …
nullnull null

No faith required. Just do it and see. Faith is not required for now, only for future.

No lack of responsibility either. In fact, this is to take 100% responsibility for one’s entire experience, every last perception and emotion, every last sharing with another. Something few others even try to do.  

More excitement than you know what to do with too!

The rest is already taken care of and only needs simple allowing to kick in” – nathan

That  can only be believed on Faith.

Oh no, not at all. That is the the least thing that is required on faith. In fact, #LOA doesn’t work for people (as told in the video yesterday) most often exactly because people don’t learn how to “allow”. Allowing is not faith, allowing is a very specific and direct thing that each person must DO on their own. It is the one thing a person must participate in fully in order for NOW reality to work. Allowing is a direct experience of doing, and when done correctly, the objective comes in, fully, not imaginary, not FAITH, the actual thing, of whatever nature it is.

In the above, one has to “do the allowing” in order for the bookkeeping to get done for them. It doesn’t just happen on faith, it has to be allowed. Most people simply don’t know that so they try and do it all consciously, which is a muddle at best … or you might say, the muggle way.  

Well to be honest, i can only speak for myself about matters so deep. 
Were i to believe “the rest is already taken care”, i would have to believe it on #faith.

… or, you can simply do the allowing and have it happen. Then, no faith is required. Done is done, weather you did it, or it is done otherwise. Faith is only required if something is not done, such as if it is in some specified future. If it is NOW, it is either done, or not done. Faith is not a consideration.  

you may get more of it if you focus on what you want to share & then chuckle at the tools you have at hand.  Words are letters in a sequence. But, what are the letters? – ancient symbols derived from pictures of animals such as the bull (for A) etc. – mostly zodiac. Also words in a sentence are a sequence. etc. A mapping of a thought in a sequence tzu a thoton in the mind but a different one from the substance & train of thought that triggers the communication.  etc..

There is not much indication that you folks know what wisdom is. 
  1. the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment; the quality of being wise.
    synonyms: sagacityintelligencesensecommon senseshrewdness, astuteness, smartness, judiciousness, judgmentprudencecircumspection; More

Translations, word origin, and more definitions
Then too d’A…… will probably claim to have it all & Seth will probably start to draw a diagram.

For wisdom to show up in NOW it would have to show up all at once.  Good Luck with that! null

Fortunately we have attention, a way to focus, so that only what is needed for our current NOW experience, where are attention is focused, will come into our awareness. And that fully fits within the definition of wisdom above too, for it is “the soundness of an action or decision with regard to the application of experience, knowledge, and good judgment.” … the knowledge that comes to meet us through our focus of attention is exactly that.  

null Hmmm…. the day after I talked about words:thumbs up – the wallaby itself indeed!