Thoughts are connected in context, or they are not apprehended.

Like a man, no thought is an island.
Both obtain their  essence by how they connect.

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I can’t say that is always true or always useful. Simply seems to be one way to think and create, but not the only way.

well i agree,  a person need not always be aware of their connections to think and create. 

but that does not mean their connections as seen by others do not happen. 

Seems like a big assumption on your part. More of a desperate wanting than a real observation.

Yep that is my belief justified by my observations. null

Your saying,  “more of a desperate wanting than a real observation” is your judgment of my conclusion. 
Perhaps because you desperately want it not to obtain”  null

I don’t want either. I simply understand that the one is all, and the all is one. Otherness is for the purpose of experiencing, not the purpose of necessity.

Like years ago when you said similarly that “AI can only be created as a group effort, not by an individiual” … I see that also as hopeful thinking. The one is the all. Any one can create anything and any one can be all connections. The whole point of having the connections you speak of above, is simply to expand the experience attributes available to each of us, in a moment, nothing more. We all expand each other, we don’t need each other.

well #sethhmmm re “one is all, and the all is one”

me, i have to get back to work on #newsletters …
i have a real impending #deadline … which i do not intend to miss …
just according to how i am #connecting with a certain other null

Getting out of the “we need each other” mode of existing is the current leveling up humans are involved in right now. Hence the prevalence of the selfie!

The selfie is not now so involved with ego as it was in the times of Greece and Babylon. i.e. it is not the same Lucifer quality Mark often talks about. It is simply individuals recognizing their own all-ness and that they don’t need others to be complete or valuable or all right … so they will then come to view others as something to enhance their own experiences with in a co-creative way instead of being something needed to create anything or to survive or be happy.

Well me, …

(1) i do “need others to be complete and valuable and true”


(2) i do “view others as enhanceing my own experiences in a co-creative way”


I do not #grasp those assumptions changing in the world, (outside of perhaps your group or generation).

Nor do i see any contradiction between them.