except perhaps for a mind which thinks that all thinking is #arguing

Well, mark thinks all interaction with others is either arguing, or sex.

I guess that is similar!  


I stand corrected (by myself).

mark thinks all interaction with others is either RWG or sex. My #FUBAR.  

i chalk it up to, if i believe i am a hammer, then everything looks like a nail null

so i am null sorry,  mark did not want to grasp the subtler non-nail aspects of my thought. 
but i guess i should null that we got this thought instead

#btw … don’t know if you noticed … but i have been playing with ...


where …

null (sorry) of self       transitionsTo→         null of other

i am not at all sure,  it is working …
but i seem always to be able to make that transition
while writing specific (non fluff or overly generalized)  sentences
which still #RingTrue  over here.

Anyway i am having fun playing with it in any case null

#hmmm I finally went and looked up Magor

magor or magur: fear, terror
Original Word: ΧžΦΈΧ’Χ•ΦΉΧ¨
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Transliteration: magor or magur
Phonetic Spelling: (maw-gore’)
Short Definition: terror

Well that explains a lot!  (tongue and cheek)

So, why IS Mark called Magor?

wrong derivation – gw & I made it up.