#Magor - comment 75325

Mark de LA says ...
Shit produced by or short for d’A = d’ASSHOLE !


Are you saying I somehow “made this up and created that defintion”?

See also A Law of Attraction Event Story for the rest of the story.

Yep! Has nothing to do with the etymology of one of my names. I already told you that. #MakeShitUp as you will. There are reasons for etymology & other dictionaries. Just because a word is close to or sounds like another does not mean it is the same word. Mock your own name d’Asshole!

I am simply googling and exploring and telling about actual #LOA events that happen.

Not sure what you are doing other than bullying mark.

null – you knew your derivation of the name didn’t fit except in your #RWG & mocking d’Asshole (nathan)

… and you constantly ignore my feedback (and Seth’s) that being on this business end of your communication feels terrible. So don’t spray black paint on me sir! The meaning of your communication is the result you get, not what you intend it to be! YOU may not think your communication should feel like “a terror”, but I actually do think that. That is my real experience, which you always ignore … hence I mirror it back to you.

Why do you think Seth put that picture under #magor to start off with? It IS how it feels to be “out here” looking at you!

Talk about yourselves – you lie most often when you talk about me.!null

I DID talk about myself. I only talked about what it is like out here getting shit on by you!

The only place I suspect talking about other is valid is in the opinions in group politics – it’s a national pastime the #OpinionNation – the free speech thingy.null

Personally, I only do that in group fbi gossip. When I have reason to “talk about you” instead of “what I feel like being on your business end”, I do it there in group fbi gossip.

#ThinSkinned, your #LOA apparently can’t sustain you enough when contradiction shows up & your knee jerks (#KneeJerk) – & automatic #RWG spews forth. 
Image result for knee jerk reaction

So then, your justification for the way you treat me is that my ontology should allow me to be treated by you that way without me feeling bad?

The feeling is mutual d’A