A Law of Attraction Event Story - comment 75375

Seth says ...
Well there certainly IS a “grand spectacle generated by circling the wheel of doing”  !   null

nor is it an illusion null, for all see and connect therewith … #grasping it.

The mystery is why null ….

The more i #represent something the clearer it becomes to me,
and the more i will find that which i represented externally. 

  … works so very well null null

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Why take these baby steps? Why re-engineer the Law of Attraction on your own one step at a time?

This principle you have here applies much broader. It applies to everything. You can simply replace “the clearer it becomes to me” with “it manifests” and the principle will still be true and still operate for you, and others, in all things and all ways and you can test that.

Thoughts become things. Vibration of thought, through our will, becomes the vibration of energy we call matter, and thus available to our senses, which sense those kinds of vibration patterns, and our allowing, taking it in, provides a representation of those patterns to us as an experience.

And the mystery, you ask?

Why make it more complicated than “All things are vibration, thoughts are vibration of energy, matter is vibration of energy. Like vibrations tend to become coherent”? This one principle underlies and can be used to explain all things, and all interactions, no matter how complex they are. Other principles operate in various contexts and may be more appropriate for a particular goal, such as mapping a chemical reaction, or flying a rocket to the moon. But the above simple principle will still be there under it all and working within every aspect of every relationship and will always be the prime mover when it has a bias … and a bias can always be a new thought. Step by step, reality is built, one thought after another, from the beginning of time itself.

#sethhmmm re “Like vibrations tend to become coherent” … er except when they do not.

The word “tend” is only there because one can intervene. Not because they sometimes don’t. Put two things of like vibration anywhere in the whole universe and without intervention, they will become a coherent vibration and once done, information will flow easily between them. This, in fact, is exactly how a radio transmitter and receiver work. A radio, unless it is broken, or unless the signal is interrupted, always works. In the same way, two similar vibrations always become coherent.

Does your internet modem work? It is based on coherent phase modulated vibration, called quadrature modulation.

Thought, Feeling & Will – nicely balanced & integrated by the higher self – not one sided – not all feeling, not all thought , not all Will (xor doing) is a goal worth pursuing. 

i am not saying that coherance does not happen, i am just saying that it does not always happen,
although one can certainly take a stance that it does always happen at some level of #Supervene.

but to me, that is so very general as to be useless.  
i am always within the particular scope and context in which i function.  
a presumption of some universal coherence is irrelevant to what i see and do in any particular moment. 

and in fact, believing in it is like shirking my responsibility, my #will, and even my #Freedom.  
For me i make my moment #coherant …. or i do not … the intention of the universe is not my dodge. 

True #Freedom is not for the faint of heart! 
my friend owns the consequences of my friend’s  #deeds,
even to others,
whether my friend likes it or not.