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Seth says ...
well then there are no such thingys as nations … there are no nations … that level of soverign identity does not exist.  forget about patriotism … it does not exist … it was just an illusion.  

but you can’t have it both ways … either “there is a group thingy” …. or … “there are no nations”. 

In truth, you can have it both ways. The real illusion is that you cant. That you cant is a binary thought model illusion. It is quite easy to have it both ways, and we as humans often do whenever we stop thinking about it and “just do it”.  


Well sure, anyone can believe whatever they want within their own bubble of beliefs. 
But what you can not do is to unilaterally change the beliefs of others about their nation.

And you never need to.

well the beliefs of others create circumstances in the world which effect you.

If I believe any particlar one does, yes.

I am not a log in a river being thrown around wherever the river wills it. I am in a well made kayak with a good paddle. My kayak paddle is my beliefs and I steer my course with them.

apparently your kayak is the river as well null

The river is shared by everyone. I don’t have to paddle where you go, or follow you if you are not steering (with your own beliefs).

true … but wherever you paddle in the river there will be circumstances created by other’s beliefs which will effect you and buffet your kayak.

Yes, that is true. My beliefs determine where that is. If I go over a huge under water bolder into a violent whirlpool where many others are thrashing around, well then their I am with them. I can also look ahead and steer with my belief choices between the rocks too.

You might navigate your kayak to a place where the people around you don’t believe in the nations in which they live … rather they just believe in their own tribe.   For example the Kurds … they don’t believe in the nations Syria or Turkey or Iraq  … aks them how the gas effects  their breathing.

The Kurds are where they are. If they chose to tie their belief kayaks together into a communal raft and let the current in the river take them where it will, then they may blunder into the currents of other’s beliefs. I don’t know. I am not “in their heads” to know what they believe, or how circumstances are actually affecting them compared to the views of westerners as to how circumstances should be affecting them (western beliefs). I only know that if they are aware, and steering with their beliefs, they can go anywhere in the river they want, individually, or as a group.

apparently we are in agreement here … especially when you say, “they may blunder into the currents of other’s beliefs”.  

i do not believe there is a place in the river …
where i can engage with the world …
and be free of the currents of other’s beliefs. 

Oh sure i can go into the wilds and be just alone, and be unaffected by the currents of others beliefs. 
But even there i will be buffeted by the currents of nature. 

So sorry null,  me, i can not, nor do i want to, wish the river away ! …
or even tame it to my fetishes. 
No, i null this river in and of itself.

see #Vidar 

Yes. I say beliefs are how we steer and we are allowed to steer anywhere.  

However, even a well seasoned kayaker can get caught up in a strong current created by others and go over the falls with them, if not paying attention sufficiently ahead. And most don’t even realize that the paddle in their hands (beliefs) is for steering, and even those who do are not always good at belief kayaking. It is an art to steer with beliefs and before one can begin to do it, one has to first believe the paddle will steer.  

”i do not believe there is a place in the river …
where i can engage with the world …
and be free of the currents of other’s beliefs.” ~ Seth

No one ever said you can be free of other’s beliefs. You are where you are. The river is too big to tame as well. A kayaker does not “tame” the river, a dam or locks do that. A kayaker simply steers, and beliefs do steer our kayak. Most simply don’t know what to do with that paddle in their hands called beliefs, so they go wherever the current takes them. Most think we get beliefs and then we have them, end of story. Not so. Beliefs are active and we can use them, change them, paddle with them.  

Wait for it … 

...  er personally i don’t like to wait to hear what sombody else thought about someting 70 years ago to think about something now. 

null just saying, me, i  heart to think fresh thoughts myself.


Well, maybe in your haughtiness you want to just throw the word nation away. null
XOR in a secondary consideration listen to another context for the word:
XOR2 maybe just roll back countries to Adam & Eve. null

well i would not just throw away the word “nation”

i would throw away nations  null.

it is an archaic identity group whos’s existence now serves to create wars and unnecessary borders …
and childish romantic fetish feeling about patriotism …
which drain energies away from more useful feelings.

eliminating those peculiar boundaries
which were are left over from the dark ages
is part of humanity growing up. 

imho, of course.

i wonder if #RS agrees … just curious … i do wonder …
but i doubt that whatever he thought back then would change my mind now in this regard.

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yep imaginations – dime a dozen see (***null
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Free yourself & get rid of beliefs ! Don't be a BELIEF robot - M.R.

Well is it possible that this #belief could inform what #Trump does in #syria ?

Some wise old man said that Black Magic is magic that is out of place or in the wrong time – wrong context. Tower of Babbel (Babel) set the stage when attempts to build a Stairway to Heaven (or to God) ended up in confusion of languages.
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Nah! not a bit – he doesn’t listen to you.

Yep, #Trump doesn’t listen to me.  That is not necessary for a thought to inform what he does.  There is a network of such thoughts that inform all our deeds … i have thrown mine into the hopper here.  

In any case Trump’s #thinking is already in direct opposition to John Lennon’s above.  At least out of the front of his neck he spews nationalism.  So we are talking very long term trends here, not necessarily that which might inform Trump’s decisions today. 

I’m glad Trump’s  foreign policy is NOT based on a song; nor getting information from out of the side of your neck. null

Way back there I suggested Assad go before the world court & justify his war crimes why are you still arguing ?

i think with you, i do not argue with you … your apparent belief to the contrary notwistanding.

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i #intend to time my thoughts and my deeds to when they #RingTrue.

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cobbling together a bunch of #HashTurd (s) does not a thought make.
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well actually it does null null null null !  

The #hashtags links actually function to represent thoughts standing on each other garnering meaning from  the other thoughts in a mind.

Someday encounter living thought rather than a pile of labels. Keep on pointing to your labels as if you said something real. The words are more fluff than stuff. But, if it makes you feel good then follow CP. (above)
Maybe even make a video of it like: 

null great video indeed … i shared it on fb. 
… but you confuse my thinking live with the representations of my thoughts. 

I can honestly tell you that i do not.

Yep, the representations are dead thoughts the moment you invent them. thumbs up

… not “dead thoughts” … that would be just your peculair #aug over there
... rather, like i said, #representations of  #living ones.

Yep, you & d’A……. love to deframe & contradict & wouldn’t apparently know a live thought from a dead thought if it hit you in the face. Image result for pie in the face