2017A - Spring CD catalog production

see #CDCatalog

#1 Revise program for this production ← #Done

Change the program manually
at  http://speaktomecatalog.com/cd_catalog/  
to set the 3 variables 

# ---- Set constants for this particular run
if (empty($view))
    // note that the last statement here overrides
    $view="Full catalog and new";
    $view="Full catalog and new";
    $view="Spring Catalog";

null now shows Spring Catalog … even to guests

Note: guest view is still not free of internal production clutter !

#2 publish to iTunes channel or whatever still not done … oh well … maybe someday

#3 Record …. waiting for Jason to finish recordings

Record and upload mp3 files to the directory /cd_catalog using the format cd_XXXX.mp3 
#seeAlso email to jason  we might need to skip the 5 products that were not as yet recorded

#4  ftp all the recent recordings from
speaktomecatalog.com/cd-catalog → seth’s local mirror ← #done 

#5 in cd_catalog app click “Write Playlist”

     denise to review products and cut some so that there will be only 4 discs ← #done

For the Fall catalog move the Chrismas and Halloween to the last CDChange the class in the database to move the recording to the last cd.
re #ClassTags 
// docie-doe to do at end of year catalog
// before generation of playlist
$sql=’ UPDATE `product` SET class="xmas" where class="christmas" ’;
$sql=’ UPDATE `product` SET class="xhalloween" where class="Halloween" ’;
// after cutting cd’s switch back ←
$sql=’ UPDATE `product` SET class="Christmas" where class="xmas" ’;
$sql=’ UPDATE `product` SET class="Halloween" where class="xhalloween" ’;

#6 FTP playlists back to seth’s local

#7 Import Playlists to iTunes and Burn CDs ← #done

7 Take masters to Divirsified ← #done 

#8 Count CDs to duplicate

Enter count at bottom of labelm.prg
* Spring  CD Catalog 2017a
* counted total mailing on 4/12/2017 = 1140
* Burnt 1300 of 4 masters
* Printed those ordering in one batch counted as 1134 on 10/13/2016
* Count based upon this ...
    set filter to;
        ("c" $ media or "d" $ media);
        and not "x" $ code;
        and not "x" $ media;
        and empty(country);

#9 Upload CD files to the #fillmore phone box ← #done 

#10 Pick them up personally at Divirsified ← #done 

#11 Take off the mail bounces from last catalog ← #done 

#12  Print Labels ← #done 

* Spring  CD Catalog 2017a
* counted total mailing on 4/12/2017 = 1140
* Burnt 1300 of 4 masters
* After taking off bounces = 1123
* Printed all in one batch counted as 1123 on 1/19/2017
    set filter to;
        ("c" $ media or "d" $ media);
        and not "x" $ code;
        and not "x" $ media;

        and empty(country);
        and statusdate>{^2013-10-01}

#13  And now for the fun part ←   #done 

Stuff them in envelopes and mail the little buggers. 

#14 take them to the post office ← #done

X pieces mailed 1st class at  $1.15 (should have been $1.12) each … you do the math.
Starting from the high zip codes and working backwards … dealing with orderers  and look-e-lews alike.
432 pieces  mailed bulk (class B9) under permit 239  at  $.647 = $279.50

ok ok, i’ll do the math based upon the usps reciept for stamps …
805/1.15 = 700    we rounded up to buy $800 worth of stamps
so apparently we mailed out 420 + 700 = 1120
but we printed ……………………………...1123 labels
good enough for government work null

This puppy is finished … hoepfully the phones will start ringing now.


how was i tagged by seth ?… i am seth and i just pushe this on top of my focus.

null suddenly iTunes decides not to import into the playlist some selected mp3’s even though they are on the hard disk in the same directory and same coding as others that do import.

here is a link to the playlist

contacting apple support community here.

null OMG i found this … somehow the hard drisk had gotten renamed … i renamed it back to “Macantosh HD” and now the files import ok.   #shucks i have been fighting this for the last 20 hrs. 

I found the problem by making a playlist manually and exporting it and looking at the format … i could see that the location had the bogus name in it.