IAmAVariable – awareness of inside vs outside

This makes no sense.

First, being a variable makes no sense. Can’t find anything to attach that to except the idea that you are filled by others and have no identity of your own.

Second, inside and outside is a real concept, but it does not represent places or a space or a separate thing. Inside and outside is only a change in perspective upon the same thing.


Well first, i assure you that i do have a peculiar “identity of my own” even thought i am “filled by others” and what i am garners meaning in relationship to them.   It is a paradox that takes a peculiar taste to appreciate.  I recognized it’s hint  in a song the other day,  “I am who i am, because you are who you are”.  My belief the inside/outside boundary is variable … that it can extend outside of my skin … is akin even to you navigating your  multiverses, sans your own peculair twist. 

And second, #inside vs #outside do define different perspectives of separate #spirits.  
Without each having an inside and a outside they would not be separate.

Oh I fully agree that we fill each other, as I talked about here Enforcement enacted. (comment 65917) and Enforcement enacted. (comment 65925).

So then if you mean we are a variable because each person holds and creates a different version of us and we become the conglomerate of all of those versions according to our own desire, then yes, that kind of works. There being a component of each of us that is literally written by others. But only a component, not the whole. So I would rather like to say that we are variable, not that we are a variable, because the later implies there is no self component.

well i used your term, “filled by others” … but a more accurate term for what i am talking about is “informed by others”.  So my sentence becomes,  “I have a peculiar identity of my own even though i am informed by others”. 
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That my life garners meaning in relationship to others is independent of that thought.   I got into that lately in my thought titled  “The Dare ! - was: Past Present and Future” … see the #dare !
Enforcement enacted. (comment 65917)” has nothing to do with anything that i am talking about … that is all your business … not mine.   It is not even necessarily desirable that you understand my peculiar identity …
let it not make any sense to you …. i am not a generalization or a reflection of you …
you may never ever “get me” …
by your own stated ethic, it might be best for you to accept that and move on.

Well, in truth, we each are “filled by others”. I would think you would like that idea because that is where we actually interact with otherness and share and co-create.

If we are only “informed by others” then we truly become isolated individual islands only affecting each other with hand signal like communication across a sea like void between us … which it does seem like sometimes, I agree. But really, we literally write each others stories in our own verses and we, as individuals in our own verse, get to choose which of all of those aspects written by others to be us in their verses we include in our own. Most of the time we make those choices unconsciously, out of our beliefs and desires, but as I wrote about my and Natalie’s experience last summer, we can consciously participate in the choice selection if we desire to do so and obtain the required beliefs to allow the “choosing experience” into our awareness.  

Sorry null, i am going to stick with “informed by others” … and yes i do “like that idea because that is where we actually interact with #otherness and share and co-creatnull.   tag #informed #inform #informs 

I #intend to write my own story, yours is not my tempo … notistanding that i trip on yours and Natalie’s nullnull
but it is not my story … i do not do that #mirror  thingey …it is not in my bag of tricks.

It is not a “mirror thingy”. It has nothing to do with mirroring at all. When I talk about mirroring and physical reality being a mirror, each of those is a completely different thing than the idea that others write their own versions of our story that they experience and we draw upon. That is not mirroring in any way. That is “including”.

so you say … but i will need to think about that one … sure seems to me that you are mirroring when you make up sombody else … #sethhmmm … sounds like a tap dance to me.

It is not in any way mirroring. It is a direct observational experience. You are welcome to think about it.  

well okay … me i do #apprehension … i get others by #grasping   … not by #MakeShitUp.  

You can call it #grasping. There is an aspect of gathering information for sure. That doesn’t change that the end representation you are experiencing of others is your creation … and independent from the other person and their own experience, no matter what aspects may seem similar.

See: About: Important Things to Know & Do

well okay, the end #representation is partially my creation. 
I best #grasp and experienced it in the wilds where it is not a mere representation …
and is not independent from the other person and their own experience. 
That bespeaks of directly living in the world, rather than the #representations of my mind.

That #supervenes on the #duality ...
#OMG it is #Zen.

Maybe just my thingey … maybe not your’se … let it not make any sense to you.  

Yes. I agree. Live in the world, not your imagination. Use your imagination only to create representations of what will next appear in the world.  

Just don’t confuse “your representation of the world” with “anothers representation of the word”. Similarities are by agreement.  

Sometimes my representations “appear next in the world” …yet, sorry null,  frequently i am out of #timeing with where they do appear.

Sometimes my representations are only personal, internal to me and don’t stand on the world at all.

I take that as me #being human.

I agree, “similarities are by agreement”  …
null Ahhh the matches that i know and null