Important Things to Know & Do

Mark de LA says ...
Man is the universe. An individual is a permutation of one of the particular ways the universe has of being and doing. His core or central idea determines his individuality, and his will. His blood mirrors to his soul his own interpretation of the universe, and just what he knows of that universe thru his blood is his ego. You can see how this makes the self and the not-self identical and also provides for the myriad permutations which are the myriad individual beings. Each individual is responsible for his own universe, for his own "I", and if he discharges that responsibility with the whole of his will, that is all he needs to do, nature will take care of the rest. For the whole will of any individual is the whole will of the universe, and the universe will pay any price for the whole service of a sound soul.

This seems to have been written by #GW?

Whoever wrote it, it is in exact agreement with everything I have been saying for years now.  

And incidentally, quite the opposite of seth’s position today here IAmAVariable – awareness of inside vs outside (comment 75728).


Well #GW’s thoughts here are a mish mash of some of my philosophy and some things which contradict it. 

I particularly like his, “An individual is a permutation of one of the particular ways the universe has of being and doing”,  but  hasten to add that it is not a closed set, and an individual can actually add to those opportunities themselves.

I could go through #GW’s thought in detail and show what matches with me and what does not …
but i am not so very sure that is what i want to do right now.

null I do, however, find it quite interesting that we seem to be converging at the same time on similar components for what can make up “the essence of a peculiar instance of us” … er, if i may be permitted that #birdie null

Yes. I would say the convergence is simply #LOA doing it’s normal everyday thing and matching up like with like, as it always does, weather the like is what is wanted, or not.  

No need to go point by point on anything. I am sure you well know that I will see such as you simply tapping out the boundary of the box you have chosen to believe within. You can explode that box and have larger experiences, or not. That will always be your choice.

null well crediting a true coincidental convergence to some #LoaGod is definitely not my thingey … i am not a hammer and it a nail … like you are , sorry null …. me, i prefer the #NotKnowing … loving to leave it a mystery quite beyond my #PayGrade null

And of course i anticipate your #mirroring #VooDoo #MakeShitUp about me …
and wonder what it would be like if you didn’t do it.

Don’t know why you call #LOA a God. #LOA is simply a principle that uncovers relationships. It is just like gravity, do you call it a God’s action when an apple falls from a tree? In fact, gravity is the most visible and direct physical principle that parallels #LOA. #LOA simply operates in all realms, physical or otherwise. It’s just a principle, a label for relationships happening.

because you always talk about #LOA the same way people have for ages talked about their #GOD’s.

The difference is that seeing the #LOA principle at work requires no faith. It is directly observable and can be used to predict with great success.

well sure parts of #LOA can be directly observed … but those are not the type of things to which you refer to above.

… i am talking directly about those type of things, see above, that appear to work only, as you keep telling me,  you believe them on #faith.

Convergence is a direct #LOA principle and is fully applicable to the above. I have see the same over and over and over. About 20 cases today alone … it’s been an eventful day!

I have no idea why you see A + B = C exactly as #LOA predicts and you say something like … “I wasn’t taught that #LOA kind of math early in my life, I cant verify your calculations”. 

Well i have no doubt about the convergences … none whatsoever … like you say, about 20 cases today in front of us to behold. 

You credit your #LoaGod for those … i have not such God.  I credit the convergences themselves.   And bear in mind, what is, and what is not, a convergence is entirely up to the beauty in the eys of a beholder.

The way you are utilizing the word “God”, just because you don’t name one, you are still “invoking” one. You are only saying that you don’t know your God’s identity … you can’t name the mechanism of the convergance.

I can. It is the same mechanism that causes same vibrations to become coherent. Thought is vibration. That is well accepted by science and psudo-science alike. Things in same vibration become coherent with each other, always, on their own, when allowed to do so. That principle is also established by science. All together, this is #LOA. No faith required. If you want to dispute that like vibrations become coherent, go for it. I am happy accepting the observable results. I have even done experiments myself with tuning forks and singing bowls and Tesla coils to verify the results. I find it an easy principle to believe and replicate in my reality. Understanding then that all energy, including thought, is vibration, and that all matter is ultimately energy, it then becomes a simple application of an observed principle … and I call that principle #LOA. No woo woo involved. ( No unnamed God’s or magical surprise alignment like your claimed system either  )

#sethhmm re “Things in same vibration become coherent with each other, always, on their own, when allowed to do so. ”

Yep. If this were not true your quadrature phase modulated cable modem would not work, not to mention a simple LASER … and in simplest form, two like tuning forks set near each other would not become coherent, yet they do.

Also magnatrons in microwave ovens and many other things work because things in same vibration become coherent. Even a pipe organ demonstrates this principle as well as a whistle.