When the external begins to define the internal, my friend, instead of the internal defining the external, one begins living as a mortal rather than as a god.

Trust me, as a god is better.

    The Universe


… er yes indeed … #DOH !!

During my research on “Vidar”, 
i discovered that he is Norse God. 
But i am a mortal man. 
Me #BeIng a God, does not #RingsTue.

Then too i love null null #being a man
there is simply something about the predicament that i enjoy.

i even remember when i recognized that.
Literature, especially ancient mythology,  is full of that same love null of being human. 
Next time i run into it, i will manifest it in the room #LoveOfBeingHuman null

The mistake is in assuming that “being human” requires “being mortal”. Being mortal is a thing all in itself. There is a reason for it. I have gone into the reason elsewhere. It is also quite possible, and even normal, to be a human and to be a god … for we are all gods by our intrinsic nature.

Right now, the Aquarian age, is the time when we are all coming into remembering our god nature, and bringing all the resources we have developed over many thousands of years as mortals, to the table to live as human gods.  

I am not actually sure if you meant to say “I love being a man” or if you really meant to say “I love being mortal”. They are not equivalent of course. Both are men, both are human, and both do co-exist here in this reality and on earth.

Well i intentionally did not use the word “mortal” because i also think that is a separate issue.

Rather i used the word #human …

to call to mind that i do not possess #omnipotence …

as this …

instead of the internal defining the external,
one begins living as a mortal [human]
rather than as a god

Mr Universe
… would imply.

But that is not what was said. What was said is very specific and in alignment with how things actually are. You seem to be redefining things (redevining?) to suit how you want reality to be, not how it actually works out.

← which is a pristine example,
of you believing that you define my reality …
of you actually defining how things work over here.  

That is a great example of your firm belief in your #omnipotence
… as well as an example of your plying your #VooDoo on me.
Obviously i do not share that belief
… notwistanding that you continually talk as if i should.

Fact is i do all the stuff you do as you descirbe it in your #LoaSwim but i can do it …
without believing i possess #omnipotence …
without believing that i am a GOD ...
without believing that i make up 100% of what i sense from inside myself.

#hmmm … that seems to be #GW’s legacy kicking in there.  

I love how that is always your fallback when the going gets tough.  

i have no idea what you are talking about.  What i said was all me …
i know no way that was directly informed by #GW .  
To my knowlege #GW never talked about this particular matter.

Please tell me what in particular you are referring to here.

well sorry null,  before you run off on a tangent about my #BeIng and the universe
of which you apparently know nothing …

consider this …

what i think, feel, and do in any particular #now is #connected (#connecting etc) thought time and space with things #inside and #outside of me.  Those #connections (#consciousness) are what makes my moments  significant to me and to the world in which i participate.   That is my firm belief.

I believe those #connections (#conciousness) are not mere toy blocks for me to arrange for my convenience and enjoyment … however deep and splendid i may create it.  Rather the consequences to the entire drama is paramount to my #life  and the lives of others.  I null it that way.  … and do not choose to shuffle time and space and #circumstance or #information and #conscious #connections exclusively for my personal happiness and flow. 

I do seek more control of those #connections in my #LoaSwim … more #Freedom … especially from energy drains.  But not to the extreme point to which your philosophy seems to talk  … for me that would make my life irrelevant to anything but myself no matter how complete my #omnipotence. 

Sorry null, i   null #LoveOfBeingHuman too much to go that way.

I don’t see any reason why it would “make my life irrelevant to anything but myself”. In fact, from a lager perspective, it makes your life more relevant.

I think you have an assumption under all that which is not well established in reality. Probably an assumption (basically an underlying belief) that you are not even fully aware of. There is no reason at all your life would be more irrelevant. Some assumption makes you think that.

well that is a necessary logical implication …
that which is not #connected to something is irrelevant to it.
if i am free to connect whatever,
then my connections are irrelevant to anything except myself.

work it out in a trivial example of something that is not connected,
and so is free of and irrelivant to something else

That’s just a bunch of shitty binary logic. You might as well be a computer as a human to think like that. It’s also ridden with assumptions … like “what is connected” and “what you think you actually are” and “that you are separate to start off with”. All those (and more) assumptions may not actually be true. Before you can really understand what I am presenting you will need to stand in a place where you can observe and make choices about such assumptions, not build upon them as if they are absolute.

you don’t need logic to comprehend what i just told you about myself.  

perhaps i gave too much detail and you got confused …

here let me simplify it …

i choose not to have or use the God like powers you seem to be touting. 
It does not matter to me if those powers work for you and your friends. 

this is not a thing to argue about between us. 
Your making up shit about how i arrived at  expressing it to you does not #inform me about myself.
That is all just about you and none of my business. 

You authoritative stance is never going to sell that to me.

You use what you are calling “God Powers” every single day, every single minute, to create your reality experience. Same powers. It’s how we create our reality experience.

The “choice” is not about using them. You made that choice along ago when you chose to incarnate on Earth. The choice is simply how aware you are of the powers you always use, or not.

fun story … me i am not buying it …

i just saw a tweet that expressed this quite poignantly
you are selling me a

“world that is my oyster, but i hate oysters” null

check out how i replied null


So you can justify living in a box … I know.

Hey, boxes are a bitch to build and maintain, I get it. One has to justify living inside one somehow!

There is no such thing for a #human as not living in a box …
of not being #connected and being #informed by those connections. 
But  you can #think you are just as free as you wish.


Yes. And as free as you think you are, you are! No bones about it. Thoughts become the things we experience.  

null #Omg i experience far more than mere #thoughts .

Yes, so? No one said you personally had to “think everything”!

That’s what others are for, and why your idea that it would “make my life irrelevant to anything but myself” is ludicrous. Just because you create and experience your own entire reality does not mean that you can think it all up or that you would be less valuable by doing so. Quite the opposite. Because we are each creating everything, we are each even more valuable to each other in order for all that we experience to be “thought into being”!

It will not exist until it has been thought into being. The more thinkers the better! This does not end with humans either. All participants in the reality matrix are thinking contributors! 

more like it does not exist until it is done.