Presenting a thought tool …

There are levels of existence … such that upper levels stands on and are dependent on lower levels.
See “Supervene at Wikipedia” and follow #Supervene to tag rooms elsewhere especially at Google images.

I first recognized an example of #supervenience in Conay’s Game of Life, #GOL,  first published in Scientific American in the 60s.  In this example of supervience, all the myriad gliders and blinkers and other moving monsters  supervene on the details of the rules of the game.  Watch …

here is more impressive cellular automata …


Turn the pyramid upside down did you?

well up vs donwn is relative to your apprehension … yet there is an arrow here … a direction of dependance.   the upper levels are dependent on the details and functioning of the lower levels upon which they supervene.   in some examples upper levels can supervene on multiple different lower levels … meaning that the lower level could be swapped out and replaced by something different … for example right now this transaction is superveneing on direct wired tcpip protocol, yet i could go to my laptop and then it would superven on my home WiFi here.  That is the way protocol stacks work.  The upper levels function in their on life are quite indedendant of the details in the lower levels … yet they still stand on those details and are dependant on them for their existence.

Was that the aspect where you thought i inverted the pyrmid?

I think of it as a Unity but in my body I rule the cells & not the other way around.  I move my hand. My consciousness commands & the body obeys. null

well i think intention or control or command happens within some one level of your concern … and not between levels.  i am like you, i do not think of my cells commanding my consciousness.  in fact that is kind of a oogey thought that i would tend to #aug … and i don’t think it is like that.  seems to me that #supervenience has to do with functional aspects of existence … and not with the aspect of command and control.  it just says that existence is functionally stratified.
for example, this communication currently supervenes on the #TCPIP layer of the internet protocol  … yet those tcpip details are in no way in controle of it.  no, your thoughts and intentions and my thoughts and intentions are in control of this dilogue.  we could just as well swap out the lower tcpip level and use letters in the mail instead.