Connecting the seemingly unconnected ...

Before our #easter dinner we went to the see To Kill a Mockingbird at Renton Civic Theater.   Thinking about how to cook tender southern green beans we poded it during the intermission and found and shared the recipe above.  They were tender … maybe too tender … next time back off quite a bit on how long they get sauteed in the bacon grease and butter.   What i do now, stands on what i did in the past, #inform’ing all around.
and related … once on the way home … a rainbow …

#IloveRenton ...
but am not sure i can credit #renton for this particular #rainbow …

just found out it was also spotted in #olympia 

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”The past is created from the present” ~ Bashar

The present does not stand upon the past. The past supports and is informed by the present. Seems like the same thing, but it is not quite.

For instance, you could right now do a process (including, among other things, hypnosis) and change your belief about green beans such that you would now believe you love the most tender green beans the best of all. If you were to change that belief, your past would change to support the new belief in all the ways that support it best. If you made the belief change consciously, for a time you would be aware of both versions of the past … but the alternate one that did not best support your current belief would quickly fade from your awareness. Soon you would only remember the past that best supported your belief that you love the most tender green beans … all the way back to your first experience where you discovered that about yourself.

As humans we do this all the time, especially with little things. Is it any wonder that we commonly accuse each other of having poor memory? We humans do not have poor memory at all. We simply remember from the present, as we should. We have “different memory” from each other, that’s all. It is our nature, because we also have different reality.

Yeah it can work like that at times … especially with the subjective feelings and perceptions of an individual, for example how green beans taste.  Yes, I have seen past events take on an entirely different meaning according to how i changed my beliefs.   We also see that effect in how the winner of a war, will write the History of what happened.

I do not, however, conclude from those undeniable experiences that the “past is [in general always] created from the present” … especially since i have experienced more cases where i can directly see how what i am experiencing now is a consequence of what happened in the past … especially cases where subjective feelings are not involved.   In fact there are so many cases of that, it would be almost absurd to exemplify any of them.