I am going on a semi fast

After i eat, especially a heavy meal, my mood changes becoming less effective. 

Consequently i am not going to do that. 

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As Tony Robbins has always said, “If you want to eat more … eat less. You will live longer and eat more!”.

A great many studies have shown, in both animals and men, that the single biggest thing a living being can do to extend both life and health is to eat less. The healthiest and liveliest living beings are the ones flirting with malnutrition but not staying within it … except in vary cold climates where extra fat stores often needed energy and provides momentum insulation against sudden core temperature changes. So if you are not an Eskimo, eat less and you will be happier and healthier!

And snacking all day instead of eating meals is the healthiest of all, as long as you listen to when your body is satisfied and don’t have a habit of eating more than you actually need. 

When I came here to Florida, I had a big issue with overeating because people kept making me good food. I finally had to make a sign to hang around my neck, and above my spot on the couch, that said “Don’t feed the bear!”

in my case here the dramatic change in mood is the driving reason for the #SemiFasting.  i expect to have more energy now and accomlish more without that drag on my mood.  i have actually experienced that extra energy several times before. 

i intend my fasting to go even beyond not eating large meals to choosing not to partake in other things that i know drain my energy … snacking being one of those.

the health benifits are true as well … but for me, not why i will do it.

#btw now that i have so publically stated this thought … it changes … has been manifested … now i can use the strength or structure of that manifestation, of that belief, when i am tempted null … a case of the present, changing the future.

Both positive change in mood and more energy ARE health benefits. Not sure why you are saying they are not?

The reason for the improved energy is very simple. It takes energy for the body to process food. The older a body, the more so. That energy is then not available for all other things the body could use it for, including good mood. That is also why snacking is healthier … if it replaces meals and is not overdone. Cutting out snacks but still eating meals will have less effect.

yep null

by the way i did not say or imply that “the change in mood” was not a benefit to my health.  
rather i said i will do the #SemiFasting to change my mood … the benefit to my health, apart from the change of mood part of that, is an added benefit. 

Okay, but you also did say …

“the health benifits are true as well … but for me, not why i will do it.”

and mood and energy are health benefits … so it was confusing communication. Just saying.

let’s put it this way … #SemiFasting will improve my systemic health.  A good thing to do in any case.  
But the primary reason i do this,  is so i will not experience the energy downer after i eat.

It also reflects a change i want to make in the total energy flow of my timing and intention.  
That kind of change won’t happen by my just changing a belief …
rather it will happen as a consequence of these deeds in the world
or in this case deeds that are not done. 

Good Luck seth ! Could watch the TV series Naked & Afraid  & you can see how little one can eat & survive. I once fasted for ~18 days with nothing except black coffee (0 calories) to help .. & went to work. Did it 2X but never got to the 40 days (a la JC). Lost ~ 22 lbs. The curious thing was once I broke the fast with orange juice my body warmed up almost instantly & felt pretty normal while otherwise w/o it felt tired.
Someone once said “Moderation is the key to lasting enjoyment”. null

Now here is a real #coincidence … i start my #SemiFasting on 4/20 … see twitter tag #420


Good luck with those munchies! null

i don’t intend to give up #breakfast … so this is not going to be a very severe fast.   but breakfast might be the only meal i have.  i still need to taste food that i cook for #denise as i won’t be imposing my anticks on her … and i still love to cook … but eating what i cook does not need to be part of that.

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