Wht is consciousness?

I do not think #consciousness is something that a thing (spirit same thing)  possesses like a property.  
In other words it should best not be talked about as what a body “has”

As we hear in this paragraph …

The physical body has the dull trance consciousness as this was gained by man on Old Saturn. The human etheric body has the consciousness of dreamless sleep, as this developed on Old Sun. The astral body dreams in the same way as one dreams during sleep. Dream consciousness derives from the Old Moon period. On our present Earth, man achieves waking consciousness. The ego has clear day-consciousness.

RS’s lecture

I think consciousness is a function which a thing does in relationship to that which it is not.

It does not function,  it does not sprout forth,
as a property of a body.

Rather …

#consciousness sprouts forth as an effect of what a body does to its surroundings … and visa versa.

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Sadly, I see this as yet another attempt on your quest to define the reality experience as a #doing and as a #connection. Yet another attempt to make the man in the mirror the actual thing. Another attempt to elevate sensory based experience as the pinnacle of being human.

I personally know, from my own actual experience of all the elements in the #CycleOfDoing that this is not the case. The sensory based information is actually the lowest form of a human being. The least important. It has importance or it would not exist. But it is not the hail of being a human. It is only the after effect.

My own contemplation found consciousness is like light shown on something not necessarily physical & not necessarily light – could be sound.  Some levels of consciousness can’t detect anything & some more than others. While the human needs an ego & the self-other paradigm to go much further than an encounter with some light the rocks & everything else below a certain level have their ego spread out over many different objects. Higher than man is the beings like nation spirits who have their ego over the entire nation.  Christ is the Ego of the Earth.

”consciousness is like light shown on something not necessarily physical” ~ Mark

I agree.  

Of course if you read RS it gets weirder than that. Sometimes the subject & object & the light are all together. Sometimes the subject produces that which the light shines on & expells it from itself to “sense” it etc.

”subject produces that which the light shines on & expells it from itself to “sense” it etc.” ~ Mark / RS

Well now. That sounds very very much like the 6 oclock, 3 oclock, and 12 oclock positons in the #CycleOfDoing. In other words, it sounds like “the light of a conscious thought” ... “being acted upon by will (expells)” … “to then be sensed in the mirror of sensual reality”. Eerily close considering I cam up with mine as a composite study under Bashar, Abraham, Tolle, and others.  

Well speculate as you choose – read the RS link in the item I wrote & it leads beyond abstractia. smug

The #CycleOfDoing is anything but abstract. It exactly maps out actual experiences a human being can have in any part of the whole of conscious experience, from thought, to direct knowing, to will, to sensory experience, to emotions … and shows how they all relate to each other.

Maps are abstraction – not the territory.

Yes, that is why I said “maps out actual experiences a human being can have”. The experiences are the one thing that is not a map. And this “map” allows one to relate any possible actual human experience. Weather you are only having ones at 12 oclock and 9 oclock like Seth is, or weather you are having them all the way around like you and I are.

Well a #BeIng is #informed through many channels …
and that information flow gets #catalyzed by via various #media.

The 5 senses, and their corresponding media,  are only 5 of those. 
We both can provide quite astonishing examples of information #grasped
outside of those 5 channels (from #outside to #inside)
which you seem to diminish in importance to our lives.

That we have differences of viewpoint on life,
even by your own philosophy,
should not obtain sadness.  It does not over here.

Seems to be some confusion there about what senses are. There may be more than 5 actual senses, I don’t really know. I call emotions a sense too, and I think that is accurate, but emotions come in at 9 oclock, not 12 oclock.

The other things you seem to be referring to I would not call senses. They are other channels of information, one of which is “direct knowing” and they come in at other places on the cycle.

When I say senses, I primarily mean those channels of information that are reading the image in the mirror. Detecting the virtual play that will put into the mirror for us to observe as an after effect of what we created with our thoughts. Mainly, I am talking about the 5 senses.

at this level of depth, i think we need to generalize and talk about any channel that mediates the flow of information from outside a being to inside  a being where it is #grsped and then #represented.   i think that generlization becomes pramont when we try to grasp #consciousness … otherwise we do run afoul of forgetting about some  most important spirits.

if you assume that flow is a  mirror, then you will never comprehend my view.

Well, that doesn’t seem likely. The more you talk about it and the more I study the issue, the less convinced I am there is an outside and an inside in the way you are wanting to define it. There are things that appear from the complete and total self contained realities of others in our sensory mirror, and there are things from others that we directly know. But those are from other realities. What you are calling inside and outside is really just different points of view we take about our own self.

yep that is the box you would need to break out of to #gestlt my view. 

It’s not a box the same way I talk about your box Seth. It is an understanding which will always have room to expand … but as it is now, it encompasses all of what you are modeling and much much more.

and of course that would be your belief.

Yea. I can see it and believe it. I see red and green as distinct things … makes it real easy to believe they are different colors for me.  Same with this.

well sorry null, you will #gestalt it just as you do,
nevertheless no #sadness obtains null

I’ll discard your clock & go straight for the body-soul-spirit experience. Thanksnullnull

You are welcome to try. When you do, visit here and show me the goods. null

My experience is not in your blog. duh!

The version of you I experience is! duh!

#SoTheFuckWhat ? null

ask what does light do?  … so that metaphor works for me too.

is inside and outside, a different aspects of subject and object?