M$M - The Main $tream Media

Politico crisps it up nicely. Long ago I proposed an event database to crisp up what happened instead of biased interpretation of the M$M.  I still think such would be good & revolutionary in reporting. Perhaps a balanced spread of viewpoints could be developed to analyze such events from 12 points of view.


Well a vast database of events will just lay there flat … it needs to be interperted and digested to become actionable knowledge.  That is a process.  If you think about it, the network already contains the data and that data of events is being interpreted and digested becoming actionable knowledge … just very within the various bubbles.

… er, even including each of our individual bubbles.

I guess you would rather have someone else interpret & ring things into your mind. laughing

well yes,  fact is we rely on each other’s experties and specialization to inform our own interpertation.

for example if i know you know SQL in deapth and i don’t, i may well rely on your interpertation of an SQL statement.

the world had become too complex for everybody to completely #dyi their entire life.

xor unless it does. null 
I used to tout Heinlein’s (c.f. Stranger in a Strange Land)  “fair witness” corps a lot – perhaps an impossibility in today’s polarity of politics.  I wonder if a balanced multi-perspecive interpretative corps could develop out of fastblogit xor maybe common logic – nah! #AlreadyAlwaysArguing is the tool of the day.

well yes null … there are lots of  “multi-perspecive interpretative corps” that exists today.  it has always been my dream that some of those could better grow in a thinking.live  world. 

#kudos → markfor your thought null

yeah? point to one which has a member that sees more than one or two polarities laughing

well every bubble has it’s peculair view … there is no getting away from that.  the balance comes when the bubbles interact and collectively become resilient and balanced as a whole.  that is actually the beauty of a network.  it is  a mathematical thingey.  study networks from a mathematical perspective, you will see how that works.

balance and sustainability and resilience #Supervene on the #network.

#wordma rimes with #smegma indeed!  The bubbles article contradicts.

how so?

The article shows not a well rounded perspective but a polarity influencing what is published.

because you are looking at what is published inside of one bubble.  yep there you will find the polarity of its insides vs its outsides.  if you look at the whole, you should be able to see the larger conversation. … or not … the fear is that one big buggle swollows all the rest of the bubbles … er, don’t do that null

Show me a well-rounded perspective on #Trump showing more than the election polarity.  The network facilitated that. #AlreadyAlwaysArguing doesn’t convince me of anything. Show me more than one other view outside of that basic polarity that you found on the Internet.

i don’t know … you have to look for it yourself.  i can see #trump from several different points of view.  there have been a couple of them even here at fbi.  currently we are in a see what actually happens phase … speculation is over … the dye is case …   watch events … let me know how you feel.

#wordma indeed!

maybe try getting out of your own personal bubble … that is where a different picture emerges.

maybe try to get out of yours – your assertions belie your ability to find anything
as an example

well i could spend the day writing about trump from several points of view and even connecting them.  or i could look for that article written by another.  that is not the way i choose to spend the day.

OK so bug out – your conclusion is unsupported.