The Future Supervens on the Past

I think the NOW gains its meaning by virtue of its connections to the past.  That is pretty easy to establish … just imagine nothing happened before this moment … nothing at all … and no memory of it either.  Now try to imagine how anything happening now could possibly have any meaning.  I can not … it would be no better than static. 

Well how about the future too … will it not be informed by the past … does that not supervene on past in just the same way … even it is  not directly connected the the past as is the NOW.   But for us #HumanBeings the future is connected to the NOW by virture of our hopes, fears, expectations, wants, and anticipations.  That is the way the future Supervenes though us on the past … and it changes into our NOW via our #will.

So one way to change the future is to intentionally supervene on
different hopes, fears, expectations, wants and anticipations.

I can change the background of my view of the future … i have done it.  
I can choose which background to honor with my expectations.

just a gestalt
with connected corresponding feeling
i got driving
from #LutherTable to #RoyStreetCoffeAndTea .  
i #willed it into manifestation in this thought
and wrote it down sipping my peno
and nipping on a mararoon
… i want another.


Time impresses itself on the now in two ways.
  1. Momentum – everything that exists is a thought and thus vibration. Vibrations have momentum and the forces of time must act upon the vibrations to change them.
  2. Possibility – as we travel up the timeline, more possibilities are put into the escrow of the multiverse, by all living things, for us as humans to draw on while having our now experience.
These factors, when coupled with beliefs about time, help create the illusion that the past, the present, and the future are connected. In fact, they are not. All past, and all future, is generated right now, from exactly where you are, the now point, the only place you can ever be. Because time experiences have momentum, and because the possibilities of what we can experience increase going forward in time, we live in the continuous illusion that past and future are real. In fact, we have lots of experiences in our life that suggests otherwise, but we dispel those experiences in favor of our more logical belief that time is a connected thing. It is not. It is an illusion.  


#hmmm … the parts you added later, about how we transition to the future, using imagination and will, are quite good.  They add to what I said.

we are crawling on the same edges … still different stories … but then that is kewl anyway null

The main difference is the connections. The ones you think are a hard coded part of your experience related to time are actually quite virtual and changeable, if it is desired to do so. They are generated anew every moment of now you experience.  

You can utilize thought momentum to generate them similar, that is the usual human experience. But it is not the only human experience, as many time slipping stories by real humans attest … and I myself have dabbled in as well. People remember different because they are generating different nows.

okay, but i never said they were “hard coded”.  they are connected in a special way thought our beings … but they still exist … they are what matters … they are not illusion.   wishing them away to gain #Freedom from them, would be a gigantic mistake for me.

No one said to wish them away. They are part of the toolset we use to have experiences with.

The question is, are you an artist or an art critic? The artist knows he can repaint anything, anytime, until his experience is as he wishes. The art critic can only experience what is up there on the wall, painted by an artist.

(or a room full of monkeys, and maybe even politicians, as the case may be)  

okay but it is not a solo opus … not just one person painting. 

You imagined yourself out of possibility of a future – bravo!  In fact you have a past & can imagine a future – such is what’s so. 
Free yourself & get rid of beliefs ! Don't be a BELIEF robot - M.R.

That’s not what I got out of anything said here. null

Yes. You can leave any part of your canvas as it is painted by others … and you can repaint any part of your canvas too … leave and keep to any degree desired. For each of us has our own canvas we are painting on and what we each choose to keep of the collective does not determine what another chooses to keep on theirs. That we are somehow required to be in locked-step is one aspect of the illusion. There is no such requirement in the verses, only a tradition. #loa 

The first ¶ of the body of the item says it essentially.  Read the item.


Nope. Your must be doing mental acrobatics with the words that I am not. Sorry.

You are sorry! – search for the word imagine it is right there. Anyway I have been around long enough not to need coaching on past, present & future from pedants. null

True. Apparently you have been around so long that you need coaching on the basic elements of reality structure first. It was not something people were commonly taught that long agonull

The hammer end of what i am saying here is this,  if you can choose those things that control your future, then you choose your future.  For example fear:  if you are afraid of a cup of tea, then you will probably not experience drinking one, if no fear, then sip, sip, sip. That part should not even be controversial. 

But my message goes a bit beyond that.   I noticed that my attitude and feeling in a NOW do not necessarily need to supervene on the momentm of my long standing anticipations … instead i could look around and choose some new ones.  First i noticed how my feelings were connected to that old momentum … then i looked for a better ones.   Try it, see if it works for you too.

You ask, how is that different from Norman Vincient Peel’s power of positive thinking.   Well it is the same thing with one added guidance … think positively by changing the grounds and anchoring of psychological behaviors which control the future:  expctations, fears, hopes, anticipations, predictions, etc.

#TR’s guidance was basically, imagine something positive happening … this points one in the direction of how to do that effectively.

Yep my tag line says it better …. (xor be present to what’s so) – I doubt you can choose just any what’s so & make it work. Even actors in a movie need external machinery to make  it appear that they can jump into an active volcano & resurrect as a gigolo on Palm Beach later.
Free yourself & get rid of beliefs ! Don't be a BELIEF robot - M.R.

External machinery <=> beliefs.

Same thing, different context.

that was my old trick to prove what a thing is … like “imagine if there were no stars” to get a better conception of what a star is.   i should probably take that out of the first ¶  and make a new one
expressing just that one trick.

i used it here to give one a direct intuitive feeling of how the NOW is informed by the PAST. 

my thesis is that the FUTURE is informed by the PAST + NOW
in a way that is connected through our beings.

this actually should not be contraversial … except for those who believe that every NOW is an independant frame which can be quite arbritrarialy chosen.

Nothing new here. Enjoy the #WhateverYourPileMeans #juice .
Last night’s Through the Wormhole w/ Morgan had some much more interesting stuff with many different black holes in it.  Final episode season “Is the Force with us?”  – quantum entanglement, black holes etc. Everything is connected since the big bang (according to them). null

Everything is connected because “all is one”. Then, we whittle down with beliefs to specific separation and conjectures of otherness.  

#WTF – you guys have been playing in the abstractia sand box too long.  Encounter a grizzly bear in the wild some day & then think positively so that he licks your balls! null

i am really just looking for dialogue on this one particular gestalt … not general augs about how or why i did it … or any far reaching thoughts of things unrelated. 

Dialog only that agrees with your abstraction! – go for it – bye!

yep, it is called focus, mark.   some on my thought i focus … others i do not.  this is one of the former.

Nope! For me it is called “not my circus not my monkey” enjoy your own circus.  The law of averages says you will find someone else in abstractia to follow you.