Thinking a thought until the momentum of it’s occurrence in your experience causes you to feel it as true.


i can think a thought again and again, and again and again, and yet it still will not #RingTrue.  
mere repetition does not cause the feeling … though it contributes.
for me, it still needs to be consistent and connect with my previous beliefs. 

Yes. Of course. And in addition, you must think mainly that thought, and no thought counter to it, which is what happens when the thought you are repeating is counter to one’s beliefs and thus why it doesn’t get traction toward truth.

And, with appropriate techniques, one can change any belief … until the thought you are going for does ring true and appear true in your entire reality expereince.

well of course … and yes i can attest that works null  … which is one good reason not to do it too much

me thinks some of the  earlier fresher readings are more useful … 
and especially the ones where one comes back to the proposition from a different context or aspect.  

it might take you a while to grasp that as it does conflict with Abraham’s dogma. 

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Why is it not good not to [have individual truth]?

You seem to be saying that the common truth, the one arrived at by the consensus of the masses, is the truth to be going for. But the common truth is just the one that matches the random configuration of where the masses have gone together. Why is that truth the one to be going for?

nope i said nothing about any “common or consensus truth”.   
nor did i make any claim about individuals experiencing their own truth …
which i believe that they should. 

rather i carefully chose the only word that rang true for me in this context … “useful”. 

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Well that would be my point. What is useful for you is not necessarily what is useful to me.

So why not each of us use the tools, that we both agree can work, to select the truth that is most useful to our own inspired life path? 

you are preaching to the choir here.  

Well, you still have a solid box of beliefs that you won’t entertain flexing. That specific box of beliefs is more solid and inflexible than nearly anyone I have ever experienced and way more so than the common man. You did contract me to bang on that box. ← I know you can’t access that knowing from inside the box … but it is true out here nevertheless.

you can not bolster your own powers in my eyes
by ploying your #VooDoo on me … 
you really are not very good at it. 

Because I don’t use #VooDoo on you at all. Could, but don’t.

All I agreed to do was pound on your box. null

The rest is all you, including the #VooDoo.

… and #btw, thinking each other into being and experiencing each other doing so and the internal changes happening in real time to match, as Natalie and I do, is not #VooDoo. It is intentional and fully conscious co-creating in it’s most delicious form!  

well what you do with Natalie is probably more akin to love null than #VooDoo.  the big difference being that the former is positive and what you do with me is negative.  over the years, i have had quite a bit of experience with both … they have a very distinctively different feel null