Pure will is what makes plants grow - comment 76633

Seth says ...
your #aug against the #firmament … against the #material world …
is best discarded, imho, to grasp thoughs like this one.

I know where you got it, i got mine the same place,
and i know the #Freedom it grants.
But i discarded my #aug of sharable manifestations,
with no loss of power.
You might consider getting out of that box too.


I have no #aug against #firmament. I love it, understand it, embrace it, and know it for what it is … the show I produced and directed … and cast actors in. I love #firmament.  

Whatever you did discard, you appear to have little power left. My experiences with others appear to me to be so much richer and diverse and satisfying than yours. I have real friends in other verses and times. I go to workshops and play with the substance of reality, bend spoons, and now time, itself, with delicious others. Natalie and I have been experiencing the amazing dance of co-creating each other and being fully and consciously aware of it. And I am building this amazing thing called Yes Island with others that will be a center to teach these very concepts to all those interested … giving all our experience back to the world. And that’s ALL #firmament baby!  

It’s real #firmament, not the illusion people have been carrying on with. It’s connections beyond anything you have imagined. And I wouldn’t call it power, it doesn’t feel like that when you get it down, it is simply satisfaction, delight, knowing, and eager expectation for what’s next!  

… and best of all? I arrived where I am by becoming the artist. By learning the tools and concepts and then working with them every single day, year after year, until my results started pleasing even me.

Maybe you think I am special, or act special, but I am not. I would ask you “Why can Elaine paint beautiful works of art and you cannot?” … you might say “because she is an artist” … and I would say “why is she an artist and you are not?” … and you would say “because she studied and practiced until she could do what she does” … and I would say “Exaclty!, and that is what I have been doing for many years too, studying and practicing the art of reality unfolding”.  

I have what I have, I can do what I can do, because I have earned it by doing, and failing, and trying again, and giving up, and getting hope, and trying again until now, when I paint reality, I know I will get the result I desire! I own this bitch because I have made her mine by my own hands. It’s not wishful thinking, it is not something granted by a cult or gifted by a god or devil, it is knowing with the sureness of my own many experiences, over many years, that I have become a reality artist.

Not sure why you would hide this seth. It’s really well channeled content and not up in your tree.

look yesterday was a very positive day for me … i wrote Pure will is what makes plants grow almost as a culmination.  for some reason i did not read your #Bullshit “im more powerful than you” post yesterday although i saw it go bye.  i came to it today and truly have no excitement or will go read that kind of negative energy directed at me.  please take it somwhere else, where i can better ignore it.  it is not my game with you today … or hopefully ever again.

It’s not directed at you.

Your #ego deceives you.

i made my post above to teas out our different assumptions about  the world …
not to compare each other’s powers or egos.

whatever … read it youself as if you were me … it is all about your ego vs my ego. 
stick  that shit up your ass … it does not interest me in the least.

No, it is not. There is only one place that mentions you and in that place I fully claim that it is my perception only.

The rest is all about me only.

To read this as “me up in your tree” you have to be including many other contexts and building an entire super story around this as if this is part of a bigger story … or something else … #IDK … I only know that these articles are written from my perspective to talk about me and my journey … and you are trying to usurp them to be about you, for whatever reason.

not interested