State of the union


Your current tailspain that is causing mis-aligned communication all over FBI today is from two sources.
  1. When I said you were “A stubborn old man entrenched in a box of your own making” … and you considered that worse than being thought of as “A confused old man”. Well, it is not worse, it is better. A “stubborn man” can control his stubbornness. He has the ability to affect it directly by choosing his thoughts. A “confused man” has much less control. I genuinely meant it as a softening when I clarified that I see you as stubborn. Because then, you can do something about it.
  2. My laughter about your absurdly serious attitude toward #PR. It is absurd. When you take a break from the dominance of your ego for a few moments, you will see that as clearly as I do. I realize your ego is even more aggravated by these words than less … but that is not important. Later, when your ego is supporting you, these words will have new meaning and that is useful.


again i am not interested in that kind of game between us. 

I know. That’s why it is in fbi gossip.

… and yet, someday you probably will.