Accepting responsibility for every thing in your life causes joy and power.

Seth says ...
Well the term “Accept Full Responsibility” sounds like a fluffy generalized political slogan to me …
like “Liberty” or “Marke America Great”.
Let us see if we can make it more #specific !

There is nothing one does to accept #responsibility.  

But certainly there is no responsibility unless there is control.  So the operative edge of this slogan becomes ...

Taking control of every little thing in my friend’s life will open the floodgates of power!

my friend
… which is a “no brainer”.  
It is necessarily true
it is embedded in the structure of the language in which it is said …
which implies it does not #inform.

Now whether ...

taking control of every little thing causes my friend to experience joy

depends on the peculiarities of my friend

himself, or

← herself.

Mr Universe, you saying,  “Girl, comb your hair, and you will be happy!”

#btw belonging to a slightly different composition ...

it is interesting to note that …

to have #control is a masculine desire and
to #submit is a complimentary feminine one.

my friend does not need to be a boy or a girl
to have either or both.


well okay, if those 3 things in “ (comment 76703)” are what you mean by “taking responsibility”
and we can demonstrate those are things that are actually done and not just thought about,
then we could drill down into those and see if they amount to something different than
just taking control.

which might take a bit of thought … me i might get to that later null
got to get my BBQ shrimp marinating now. ← #done 
now working on something else rather than thinking about nathan’s philosophy.

Here are three things that nathan thinks entails “taking responsibility”  …

There are several things one does to accept responsibility. At least ...

  1. Not blame anyone else for any part of the experience one is having. 
  2. Not try and get others to do something or be something to complete oneself.
  3. When something doesn’t feel right, look inside, not to others, for the solution to making it better. (the Ho’oponoono way).

Yes. Those are 3 very important things. As I say, there are several … some of them quite contextual. But for the purpose of general reality understanding, these 3 are enough to work with.

It is truly amazing sometimes, how far off subject you get when you practice to fit something into your box.

“Taking control” is not at all what the original thought was about. Yet you have managed to say it over and over as if it were the thing suggested. What is suggested is “accepting responsibility”. Those are vey different things.

I only have a desire to control a meer handful of things in my life. But I have a natural and strong desire to be responsible for everything in my life. When you twist things this way, it just doesn’t do you justice.

My first read pretty much got derailed at the point of “There is nothing one does to accept #responsibility.” … which is so obviously false. On my second read I realized you simply wrote your own story here. It doesn’t resemble what the universe said at all. You switched the topic completely and left out “joy” completely.

well my point is that “taking responsibility” is “taking control ” … there is no difference … except perhaps aspect and the way the language talks about the subject.   We are talking about the same thing … just using different language. 

How can you be responsible for anything unless you control the consequence that happen as a result of your actions?   … or know what actions to take to manifest the effect that you want to achieve.  Otherwise the term, “responsible for”  means nothing but fluff and confusion.

Break it down to particular examples … see if you can demonstrate salent differences.

tag #responsibility

One can be responsible and do absolutely nothing at all. Assuming responsibility simply means taking ownership for the fact that all that happens to you is from you. Being responsible does not imply action. Action is independent. Someone who has assumed responsibility for everything in their life will probably take some different actions … make different choices. But they don’t have to, they don’t have to do anything at all. They only have to know they are responsible and no one else. That is where the joy begins. That is where new possibilities start to open up and delight take flight.

okay,  so is your interpretation of “taking responsibility” ...
taking credit or blame for whatever happens which you experience ?

I still hanker for examples … i grasp generalities from grasping examples of them.

tag #responsibility #credit #blame #generalities 

That is one small part. I formulated an answer, and realized it is the same words I have been saying here for over a year. That you will “hear them” this time any more clearly or receptively than you have any other time is not likely. You already know everything you will ever need to know about this subject. When you are ready to know your self, you will.

okay avoid representing this in depth and avoid providing detailed examples. 
your avoidance is not my responsibility.

apparently this train of thought is finished.

It’s your train of thought. We will see what you do with it … when you are ready. null

which is always the case … but sounds like you want to take credit for where you think it should go null