Radical Navigation of Attention

Navigating attention to what
seems like an entirely different universe,
is the same kind of thing as choosing a
radically different background  for what is in the foreground

for example … notice the different meanings of X in these two pictures …

#sethhmmm find the same thing against two different backgrouds signifying two different things.
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Not my experience.

When one quantum jumps to another verse, they also obtain different beliefs representing themselves in that other verse. Beliefs are the starting point in the perception chain. The foreground doesn’t get a new background, the foreground changes too. Everything changes.

… and one is either aware that things changed, and what changed, or they are not.

Ever have an LSD experience? I have not personally, but I have had them described to me in detail by several people who have. Going to a different verse, or a future place, is much the same as an LSD experience … but usually without the paranoid component most people experience with LSD. Everything changes … and you may have some awareness of how things could be different, or you may not, depending on your preframing and level of engagement with the experience.

This idea you have above of just changing the background is not an experience I have ever had. Nor one I would know how to create. A different verse is a different verse and you are different too. The degree of differences is something you have selective control over using the Burt Goldman techniques … which is apparently not somthing available using drugs.

well sure, okay.   The important realization here is not whether the foreground of something changes as well as the backgroud … but rather that a new composition of the same elements itself feels and means something entirely radically different.   so that to get to a new verse, one chooses a new composition.  and in this regard everything counts and effects the qualia  … beliefs, perceptions, thoughts, feelings and even will.  The ability to make a new composition is the ability to choose. 

null omg i’ll think that null null again and again …

The ability to make a new composition is the freedom to choose.

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then too the forground can be considered my being … er me, seth, sum, vidar, bozo faust by whatever name. 

this is quite a bit different than #nathan’s self serving cotrived navigation of his #MultiVerse #matrix type fantacy.

Feeling in the mood to name call and nathan bash today?

not really #nathan … just mirroring you behavior.

Nope. Quite a bit different. My behavior today has all been in defense. I have simply defended my well won position in the Glossary … all within the rules. Every name call and bash was in “response” to others trying to put down what I believe in and enjoy and rightfully, by our rules, have obtained.

What you are doing right now is all offense. Taking pot shots. And breaking rules.

where self consciousness is concerned, it is the self which is in the foreground.  
or in general:  that of which there is awareness, is in the foreground.
the background is momentum, and/or beliefs, sense objects, edges, whatever.
the foreground then gains meaning and feeling and qualia in relationship to that background.

the point is as #LOA chooses a verse to experience, it does so by picking a background.
and/or even picking a new foreground.  
that is how focus happens … or navigation seems to happen.

so far that is all internal … all internal objects in foreground or backbround …
all talking about what is in my friend’s subjective bubble.

yet it is interesting how that is aligned with what is outside that bubble.

if there is no real connections with what is in the background and the foregroud to what is outside,
one has an entirely different kind of verse,
than if there are real connections ...
because if there are real connections to what is outside of my friend,
then what is out there actually becomes part of the background …
and that implies it forms how attention feels ...its qualia … its substance … its meaning.

this is fresh thought, written down here roughfly … as in a grasping draft … a new verse.
please don’t just substitute your own model (and beliefs), if you think about it, in this thought.

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I just don’t know why you are always so hung up on connections. Connections are just connections. They are an aspect of reality. They are not the holy grail and are not even necessary. A pristine and beautiful life can be lived without connections, albeit might be boring to some. A really shitty life can be lived with lots of connections. And visa versa. The eggs on my plate may be connected with the ham, maybe they came from the same farm. Maybe I know the cook. But that’s not what makes it an enjoyable meal. It is an enjoyable meal because of the attention and love I put into eating it now. Nothing more, nothing less. Connections are simply connections. Something to label if one wishes. Not what makes experience though, just an aspect of the landscape.

the eggs on your plate are connected to the farm and the farmer. 
they are connected by the vibration of cause and effect waves.
your eggs would not have existed on your plate, sans those connections.
yes it works that way.

“necessary” is another kind of thingey related only to language … or at least that is the way i use it.

thinking that you live sans those vast connections,
is thinking you live in a #LalaLand.

sans those #connections your joy in eating your breakfast has no #background
except that which you manifucture in your own #SubjectiveBubble .

Call it la la land if you wish. I don’t care. An egg exists once it has been thought. Connections were utilized to bring the idea of an egg into being. Once there, it is fully available at any time by accessing the thought. This is truth. I understand it. I utilize it. You may if you wish. Or you may choose to connect everything in sequence in order to experience anything. That is choice, that is habit, that is not reality.

the egg exists once it has been laid by the chicken. 

and it is not me who connects everything in sequence …
things happen in sequences …
usually my doing, or even my thinking, is not connected to that sequencing in any way.
unless of course it is me actually #doing the sequencing.

Your confusing story takes credit for all.   Not mine.