See nathan 


Yes, that’s #nathan. The developer behind the Thinking Live software.

#LOL seth … this one is so easy to lay claim. It is my name. Anytime I make a post I can sign it with this and that would be irrefutable as a legitimate use.


well see what you did there … same thing you did with #PR … you intentionally made some comments to increase your  usages vs mine.  nice going #nathan … you proved that you can abuse your own system.

i do not want this negagive compitition game corrupting our tag definitions. 
The way tags can be legitimately defined is too great of a feature to let decay.


please find a way to change the game … or don’t game tags at all. 
Whatever we do  should be measure against does it improrve the ability of the language to inform.

I NEVER artificially added any #PR tags. I had the solid lead from the very moment the glossary was created, and in fact, I have often refrained from using the #PR tag in situations where the subject at hand was more important, which is often the case, and I didn’t want to get you or Mark’s panties all a twist about seeing the tag. Often I would rather you both get your panties a twist about the real issues we are conversing about. Once is enough per subject, or so it seems to me. If I didn’t think that way, I would have an even larger #PR lead, because there are so many times I talk about Peter with Mark. Search for all the times I used Peter or Peter Ralston or just PR (without the hash) in comments or thoughts if you don’t believe I have been very fair and compassionate about this.

There is more than one issue here. The biggest is that I believe in my tag face. I am not corrupting anything. I would do it game or no game because, to me, it is the right image to display. You don’t even seem to have any clue about how that feels to me.

Another issue is that I have played by the rules and completely fairly the whole time. It is you who have often played dirty and broken your own rules and started all manner of name calling, just because you don’t like the looks of the picture.

Another issue is the game itself. That it is fun and productive. You don’t seem to get that (The #GetsYourGoat stuff).

The first issue is the most important to me. I found that picture vibrationally because it is the right one for me. My life is based on vibrational sympathy and have the clear right to choose it and display it. I simply don’t understand why you won’t let that be without name calling me about corruption and all the other slander you keep throwing my way. I believe in the rightness of that picture. Why can’t you understand that? I know you don’t agree … but does simply not agreeing give you the right to all this negativity about it? I personally don’t see how.

I don’t understand how you can be so heavy, and heavy handed, about such a simple and light hearted thing that hurts no one at all.