Let’s just say, my friend, you’re driving down the road listening to some hip-hop, happy kind of music. Then, after a while, you decide you want to hear something else, maybe some classic rock. Would you just hope that the hip-hop station starts playing rock? Would you visualize it, and say, "YES! I believe in the magic! I know thoughts become things! I can ’see’ the Boss now, I can ’hear’ the E Street Band. Thank you, Universe, in advance, I am so grateful!"?

Or, after thinking about what you wanted, would you physically change the station?

Good. Just checking. 

Rock on,
    The Universe


i’d change the station.

Right answer.  

But do you know why? Have you actually been listening to me when I talk about #LOA?

This note from the universe separates out those who actually understand #LOA from those who hear part of it and make up the rest. The answer is here, in my words, nearly every time I talk about #LOA … but few people ever hear the answer. It is an interesting paradox about #LOA that people can’t hear the whole thing until they are ready. Do you know why “physically changing the station” is the #LOA answer?

… because i change things through my will.

 good idea, and close, but that’s not really it.

It’s because of this one word. It’s a word people continually miss when they hear about #LOA. It’s a word that was literally banned from public radio in any context related to law of attraction. Literally, I kid you not, it is one of the censored words. It is a word that was taken out of the script completely in the move “The Secret” … the movie studio would not produce the movie with this word in the script.

It’s a very simple word. The word is “vibration”. Conceptually, it is perhaps the most important word in language, perhaps even more important than “love”. #GW knew about this word. He originally obtained all the Tesla books he had because he was seeking knowledge about this very word. He told me that.

You have always heard me talk about vibration, about finding the vibration, about tuning it in, about syncing up with it, about aligning with it, etc. etc. This is the part of #LOA that people don’t hear, or they do hear, and then forget. You see, everything you think, everything, becomes a thing, becomes real. But, just because something becomes, does not mean you, personally, get to experience it. You can only experience what you are tuned into. You can only experience what is on the dial where your personal reality tuner is set. What you physically adjust your vibration to match. Your will is not about “making something happen”. You made it happen when you thought it. Your will is about “tuning your vibration” to match what you thought so that you can then experience it. The act of will is the act of “adjusting your own vibration”.

That is why will is such an elusive thing. It feels like it should be the act of making something happen. But it is not. By the time you use will, everything already happened. Will is an aligning process. It is quite literally the process of tuning each of the complex vibrations in your being to match what you want to experience. Using will is much more like playing a lute or a guitar, than it is like using a hammer or a wrench. Using will is a matching an intangible thing inside yourself that one can learn to “feel” with the same intangible signature that one can “feel” when they think a thought. And that is the whole of #LOA. Thoughts become things. Tuning your vibration (allowing) puts your attention where you can experience the things that were thought.


sure i can see what happens as happening according to vibrations (or waves) …
and #controlling those waves and their consequent happenings can feel exactly like #tuning null.

into that thought hopper i would like to throw  …
(1) “cause→effect always propogates in a wave” which is a vibration.
(2) The only way we are #informed by such waves is by what they change
hence a sequence, called “time”, necessarily emerges.
(3) #will is where we lean to do the #tuning.  
#will is where physic energy is applied. it is what effects the vibrations.

But you made a grand assumption in your description that i do not share …

everything you think, everything, becomes a thing, becomes real.

i have that not found that not to be true … me being aware of a vast and pesky set of examples to the contrary.

So vibrations do not always flow from inside a being syncing with those outside the being …
rather there is a flow in and out of the being with all manner of refraction and wave phenomena and psychology happening at the boundary of what the being is and what it is not.