From Breck’s FB website: 
Maybe a clue to off some of the manuscript or maybe some G Legman correspondence.



Have corresponded with this guy and after skimming through two boxes of stuff wrote him this reply to an enquiry about the stash – his main interest is in books about book collecting.

I looked at two boxes of stuff.  Most of a ream or more  of paper that looks like what is in the 4 page pdf attached.  I am not inclined to check which items are in the printed Provenance & which are left for a later edition.  There is also a lot of correspondence CFR had with a NY doctor by the name of C.J.Scheiner, books, Linden Blvd, Brooklyn N.Y 11226 ~ 1982  to whom CFR sold his 12 volume set of the original My Secret Life. Apparently rare as a full set. Somewhere I have a photo where we all celebrated with a pony of vintage Chartreuse . It is hard to value without shopping it around