Talk about low level connections ...

Last night there was a power failure.   When i tried to turn on Denies’s computer it would not come on. 

I unconnected it and opened it and gave it some tender loving care and finally it came on. But then when i tried to connect it back up the keyboard would not work.

So there was me scrounging around in the cables and connection on the floor while talking to nathan about “low level connections” and being aware of what connects and where it connects and about its #meaning that can be #shared.
but no problem … i got denies’s computer  all connected up and working again null
and may even be simplifying my network in the process null


Cool. Of course, I would simply call it “yet another #LOA story” … because it is … for those who accept #LOA based information as valid input in their reality experience.  

i would call it a #LOA story too .  
the coincidental connection was startling indeed null
which is why i just had to blog it null

so i am assuming that the reason things did not work when i tried to put them back together was that the keyboard connection on at least one of my computers was being established from the mother board only during the power up sequence … and i couldnt plug the keyboard in after the computer was functioning.   so i believe that connecting it all back up the way it was will work, if i just power up those computers after the connections are made. 

hopefully that will work … otherwise i will need to obtain an new kind of switch. 

this is to be put back in place working prior to the day’s postal run at about 12 ← at least that is  my intention.

it may well be that some of the paths are blown out in the switch … in fact that is probable … i seem to remember possibly switching to a different path because one or another of them was not working.  so this may be a bit of a trial and error.

well i got it all hooked and #connected up yesterday before the trip to the post office and fedx … maybe not the exactly the same way … but nothing was blown out and it all works just like it did before.  

it is interesting how the splitter between denises’s keyboard and here computer and the switch needs to be wired … but i am too lazy to diagram it now … just note for the next time that it is very specific null