Doing things for others

Si says ...
I don’t tell stories about your #LOA experiences. You do that, and sometimes call them mine.

Whatever to the rest. You asked of me things you would ask of someone having experiences “for you”. That is not me. You either get that or you don’t. I don’t tell such things because I have experiences “for me”.


null wow that is seriously confusing.  the only example i can think of where one person would have an experience for someone else would be if they were somehow wired into a Virtual Experience projector and what the experiencer tasted, so would the observer.  In that machine, were you the experiencer, i could ask you taste the mocha and macrooons for me, so that i could tase them vicariously in all of fidelity in which you tasted them.  #shucks that does not happen much in real life.  but  i suppose some fans of a celebrity might consider that a performer was experiencing something for their entertainment. 

On the other hand one person can certainly do something for another.  For example i tell denise about lots of things that she cannot see for herself … i do that for her.  I would not call that me experiencing for her … no i experience the image, describe it to her, and she then experiences whatever about that image (albiet indirectly) quite for herself.

Here is another example of doing something for another.   Thinking room URLs got broken … now they are all mapping into the URL … so that all of my bookmarks to thinking rooms  #donotwork anymore.  I would love you to fix that for me.  That would be something that you could do for me.  But that has nothing to do with me asking you to experience anything for me.  It makes no sense to me to think about that in the terms of “your experiencing something for me”. 

Now i realize, because you told me, that you only like to experience things for yourself when they excite you … which seems a great way to focus one’s will … and I have adopted that rubic for myself.   But I observe that If you think you might be are doing it for me, you seem to get all bent out of shape and start accusing me of something like making a left hand turn or being on a crusade.  But that seems to be just your perculair thingey.  Me, i have no problem doing things for others … nor do i have any problem in them doing things for me … in fact both feel very very good to me … the more it happens, the more i null love it.   That is not something that i will give up for any conceivable reason … even if it gave me freedom from being #connected.

So, sorry null,  how you talk abut this “experience for me” between us is confusing the fuck right out of me null null null


Someday you folks could correct the title. Your version of the abstract notion #CycleOfDoing has nothing to do with anything RS talked about except in your minds. 
#OTOH, The other day I had an #LOA-coincidence while watching Comey testify to some committee & shouted at the TV “fire the bastard” looking at Comey… & the rest is history. null

Please don’t ask for fixes mixed with other subjects like this.

Just explain it in detail in group fbi.

Please be responsible for your experience. You are the one creating it, including your experience of how things get fixed. That is all I ever ask. I have never asked for some convoluted asking game, like this.

You have so munged this up I can’t make heads or tails out of it anymore.

I do and enjoy doing lots of little personal things for others all the time.

Having an experience “for you” compared to having one “for me” is a very simple concept. I don’t know what you are doing with it other than taking a bunch of feelings you are having and stuffing them all in one can like a bunch of sardines. Or maybe not.

In essence this is the natural cycle of conscious interaction with your reality. Seems to me #RS talks about that a lot. Since most people think of reality in the context of #doing things … this title works for me.

More on top of the #PileOfMungeShit !

Thanks for putting your personal pile of shit on that. i.e. thanks for the selfie.

Must be looking up the arse of your #AlreadyAlwaysArguing #TuQuoque mirror!null

also please don’t mix in analyiss of fixing and dev with matters of #LOA.  same kind of problem from the other direction.

well it is you who have these mixed up … last night i gave examples of both. 

well mark you certainly seem to have an affinity with #Trump and seem quite in sync with his thinking. 
Yes, perhaps a very good example of #LOA.  null

Sorry. Everything IS #LOA. If I want to move things along as simply and flowfully as possible, that would be doing it the #LOA way. Speaking and doing are intimately tied together.

You are basically just asking me to be someone else for you. Someone who’s speech is more comfortable for you to listen to given your beliefs and habits. Sorry, that is not me. #LOA is the life I live. I don’t change that for you or anyone else.

Had nothing to do with Trump.  Trump was just a vehicle.  Comey seemed to be a lying partisan-of-the-moment; pretending to be a professional. null

and that is just what #Trump must have been thinking.  hence your synchronicity.

#sethhmmm is it even possible to talk with nathan about this subjective objectively.

… and besides. It is not the same thing. Instead of switching to doing things the #LOA way … which would be to take full responsibility for your own experience … you have been trying all kinds of weird ways, like the above, to communicate issues.

Straight forward communication has always been fine and the best. Just take responsibility for your experience and don’t pin it all over the verses on me or others. That is all I ask.

Nah! He fired based on assistant attorney general’s written opinion.

well this is a steep slippery slope with the bottom extreme #rwg. 

i am not going there with you now. 

i am going now to a #MultiVerse where the beliefs causing that slope do not obtain.