Claiming the observer

Mark de LA says ...
What is the fear of being controlled called?
Notice any of the symbols in the relationsip can represent a being
or even the same being.  this is just math.  this is just analysis of what we mean by #controls .


Good question.  It is the fear of loosing control.  It is the case where the observer is the object. 

A similar question could ask what if the subject is the observer?

The fear of being controlled, or loosing control, is the absence of the love of creating.  

As with all in the verses governed by the #LOA, there are no negative entities. There is only the absence of a positive entity. You don’t turn on a dark switch to remove light, you turn on a light switch to fill the dark.

All fears are at their essence the absence of love. Find the love represented by a fear and “turn in on” in your being and the fear is washed away. Or more exactly, the void which was felt as fear is filled with the love.

yep null …. it is the desired state of the relationsip.

I don’t understand how love filling a void is represented in your diagram.

maybe recognize the relationship labeled this way.

Love is not observing. Love is a state of being. But even that aside, I can’t pretend to understand this diagram. The closest I can come to it is P.D. Ouspenski’s “Deputy Steward” … which is an element of our being which takes on it’s own identity as an individual evolves to meta-consciousness … Deputy Steward begins as an observer.

well there are those two distinct relationsips for every happening of which we are aware. 

for exampe if a rock falls to the ground, then there is just that … and that will never become our subject.
(1) gravity -cause-> rock-falling
now what if sombody observes that happening.  then we have the extra relationship
(2) person -observes→ rock-falling

Certainly we can believe that (1) is not the same thing as (2) … and those two different relationships can be found in ever case where a person is aware of an experience.  And each realtionsip can be analized into its subject and its object.

it is clear to me, that except for the  case where  a thing is  identical to the awareness of a thing, then the situation can be represented by my diagram.

Oh. Well (1) never happens seth, except in our imagination. Without someone to observe a rock falling any representation of it is purely imaginary.
Reality is our experience of it.
Without an experience of it, there is no reality. There is only imagination … pretending in our mind. The #CycleOfDoing is short-circuited. It does not complete a cycle and generate a sensory experience at 12 oclock to call “reality”.

And #LOL … see if you can prove otherwise … without just imagining the proof.