Mentographic Construction


#shucks it is interesting how these widgets get so fucked up when one really tries to use them.

Yeah, try to mentograph the memvance CyEnglish primative.

well it can be done … and is fairly straight forward.  

it is two primitives … so it is the combination of 2 graphs.

it involves the sequence of change … so there is a before and an after of each primitive.

the objects are the objects of the mentograph itself … attention, attention stack, arrows, objects.

that would be an abstraction on an abstraction … i suspect you would not actually be deeply interested enought to follow the details.

currently i’m trying to say something else, quite specific … i won’t be working on that brain teaser in that thought so am moving your train here.

Tao #18 applies – no example

maybe … i don’t know.  

i like 3 valued changes a lot.   3 trancending 2 null.   yin and yang being so loopy … one does need to #trans … pun intended.   logically it would be (true, false, surprise) ← and omg i love that kind of logic. 

all of that is very abstract … but #shucks give me a specific enough context and i can point to an example.

surprise is not a logic value (except to you) – it is just an admission that you do not know – perhaps your tools are faulty & you can’t do the job of evaluation. null

well of course you are right if you look at logic as a game of true or false … surprise is definitely not one of those values.

but if we are constructing a state machine … or a game of “in which state can this thingey exist” … then we are quite free to construct it having just as many states as we wish.    And what one calls each state is just a matter for the  story which one wants to tell about the construction.

tag #FiniteStateMachine  #ThreeStateLogic

I suppose if logic is a game to you …. null – then GIGO prevails & perhaps language is a waste of breath.

yep logic is a game to me and i get out of it just what i put into it.   for example – were i to put in garbarge, then i expect i would get garbabe out.   so usually i don’t put garbarge in.  the same goes for language. 

Sorry crying,  me, i don’t get the joke “null” … but i expect you loved “null” it anyway. 

#btw ...

strange how people who grew up with 2 states of logic
fight like the dickens to stay within that loop !!!

seth at cafe in belltown

Number 18 - Decay of Manners applies – you dove right into the Your own deep state Ego – the sound of Whoosh zipping through your ears.

well actually i did suspect that Number 18 applied somehow to what i was thinking about. 
but then you didn’t really know how i was thinking about Manners Decaying, and i didn’t really know how you were thinking about that either.  i think to tease that out we would have to do a whole lot of thinking together.

And …

how does Decay of Manners apply …
and to what does it apply? 

← a direct question

a direct answer  #AlreadyAlwaysArguing

well #shucks i agree … “always arguing is a decay of manners”  null.

Now why did you post that truth on my thought?



BTW in spite of your deep state ego, your thoughts are not your own.

Yep i tend to agree ...

my thoughts are  informed by many.
in them i notice subtle changes that can be made … and i represent those
i also notice new ways to combine them.
I am not so very sure that i have not thought a thought never ever thought before.

But in all cases i don’t seem to need to take ownership or responsibility. 

So yes, i agree with you null