Is Trump's internal filter all fucked up?

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Despite a 24/7 drumbeat against Trump, the media cannot shift public opinion against the president.

Despite the Hysterical Drive-By Watergate Narrative, Trump’s Ratings Remain Steady
RUSH: These people, they can smell blood. They think they’ve got Trump close to resigning or being forced from office, but there’s also desperation, ’cause they…RUSHLIMBAUGH.COM


Well, apparently seth, you have a knack for creating pages that cause 

Runaway Regular Expressions: Catastrophic Backtracking

I have never created such a page myself, but according to testing at you should not be able to do that anymore.

I would suggest that you and Trump have a lot more in common that you would like to think! null He probably creates lots of Catastrophic Backtracking too!

well most of my backtracking has very little effect on others with its castrophic nature pain only in my eyes and perhaps yours and mark’s and fbi’s  … not so with #Trump … his backtracking is making his mouth useless on a global scale … and said mouth has been trumped up to be the mouth of America.

Well not that I have any love (or hate) for Trump … but I agree with Mark’s assessment. Your fictional emotions about Trump are causing you to cherry pick your news so that Trump’s situation appears quite different to you than the reality justifies.


yeah well if you and mark believe anything this man says … er, then i got a bridge over the Puget Sound that i am offering to you for sale … cheep … $5,000,000 … you own the bridge outright … you can charge tolls or dance on it or whatever.   That is the consequences that i am noticing from the News that i am selecting about our current #potus 

#Trump cannot actually speak for America …
notwistanding  the constitution says that he must.

How long can America endure this situation ?

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tis true … we smell blood !

#LOL … you sure let your panties get in a twist about little things. All presidents lie, Trump is simply making that visible to you. You ought to respect that.

I don’t love or hate Trump. I understand him. I understand how he got in office, I understand what him being in office is doing for the world at this crucial global change time in history, and I understand where that will put us next. I also understand that Trump is doing his best to make the right global choices based on what is best for all. You may not like his presentation of self … it may even suck, but in the end he is reaching outside the box and doing his best in his own way.

Hillary, on the other hand, would have been a global disaster. She would have made choices based on one thing and one thing only … what is best for Hillary. Hillary also would have lied, and kept it invisible (for now).

You are letting the emotions Trump stirs up in you about who he appears to be Trump your own good sense and some very obvious positive aspects … only the least of which is that you, and the whole word, are getting to participate in governing the world … possibly for the first time ever.

i don’t know about all that stuff … mostly i realize it is above my pay grade.

i just know that #Trump cannot speak for America.  His thoughts do not hold water.  They are the thoughts of  a #fool.   Yet America is strong and powerful … for its people … and for the world.  The current situation cannot long endure without catastrophic consequences.

#LOL … well, we will just see about that won’t we.  

absolutely nullnull

and p.s. It’s not actually above your pay grade … it is simply outside your box. This is just one of the many ways you yourself recognize that you have set up artificial borders between you, and the greater part of your own self. Everything you want to know is knowable if you simply ask and reach for it, and don’t make that left turn one more time.

well exactlynull  

“outside my box”  is the same as →  “above my #payGrade”.
#otherness is #vast …
i am not #fool enough to claim it. 


Well, you can keep running a oval track and continue to have a lot of similar experiences and keep reframing them different and look at them in new ways and chug right along living in a state of well being.

… or, you could simply go straight ahead at the next turn, continue to chug along, continue to experience, and continue to find well being … and … have a whole lot of new and different and expanding experiences – no reframing required.

#otherness IS #vast … get out there and participate in it and let the next 10000 guys around you run the same track and only talk about it.  

Less than one tenth of one percent of humans experience life fully. The rest only experience watching what those few are experiencing, except for their own back yard.

Now is the time to bump up the ratio of direct experience … and many factors happening right now, including Trump, are having that very effect.   ← not above my pay grade.

Well the result of unilaterally extending one’s box to include the vastness of everything can be see in this diagram

see more discussion in Action with Intent

Sorry null, i call it the move of a self centered #fool .

notwistanding i null watching null

Quite the opposite actually. The one who is truly “self centered” (in the way you speak of it) is the one who is running in circles at the center of their own box.

The one who is out there exploring everything there is to know and experience which comes into their view is “worldly centered”.

You live for your self, centered in your box, saying to all others “I can’t know you for you are not in my box. I can only know those of you that come over here and enter my box and participate with me. If you don’t, maybe I will observe you, but we cannot co-create until you join me in my box”.

#shucks seems to me that according to substance  we are in #ViolentAggrement null
even according to your description and my diagram. 

null Strange however, you seem to have our boxes switched null

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Yes, you have deluded yourself into making yet another left turn. I agree.

Someday … you will realize it’s only an oval track you are running on … and then you will fly free and find the very things you are looking for with an ease you have not even yet dreamed is possible.

Which, #btw, is the essence of an experience I have been having the last 3 days … no point in sharing at this time though, for the very fabric of it is yet beyond where you gaze can vibrationally travel. One cannot see things outside of the scope of where they are tuned, but can only reframe such things into the scope of those things they are already atuned to. ~ Abraham 

i have no idea what you mean by an oval track.  Certainly experience comes around,  and around again … but it is more of a spiral than a closed oval for me,  in that every time i go around again it is different.  

i have had a several great days recently too.  my track goes up and down … i have gotten used to noticing the signs … so i can use the track and even build it out myself.

Trouble is it is your own menstruation causing it. null

#hmmm I almost said that … because it is basically true. seth is having a conditioned emotional response to Trump.

and just how do you know this is an emotional response ?   i will be dammed if i can tell an emotion sombody else actually has relative to some proposition.   because how they express something is frequently dictated by what effect  they intent to achieve … and frequently does not represent their emotions at all.   that is the case here.  so how another person actually feels about a subject is not something to which i usually have access. 

but just fyi,  i almost always do not emote about things of which i have no control … which is pretty much the case when it comes to Federal politics.  rather i observe them vicariously … and any emotions that i feel are vicariously experienced … like crying while watching a sad or beautifyl movie.  

so the alleged rag in my panties is but beauty in your eyes …
for the sake of your own emotions relative to me.

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null funny about the menstral rag nonetheless … #WellPlayed   null