The 3 Laws of YES (first draft)

  1. Thou shall playfully follow what is most exciting to do in this moment until no more can be done upon it.
  2. Thou shall playfully honor the needs of one’s own mind and body except where in conflict with the first law.
  3. Thou shall playfully honor the needs and path of all others except where in conflict with the first or second law.
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Well #spock logically has it the other way around.

Me, i go back and forth depending on my  choice in the matter just according to what i have varied myself to be in any given now… see “I am a variable

Yep. Logic can only see through the senses, not the heart. And if you have seen all the movies, then you know that much later in life Spock came to realize this as well.

What the heart knows is always what is best for all. What the mind knows is only what is best for the one.

Well my objections has nothing to do with Spock’s logic … which, by the way, is flawless.   My objection,  whether it be intention of the heart,  or logic of the mind … stands on its own notwistanding your subjective view of #logic.

You see,  my objection asserts my choice in the matter.   For if i am free, and as  I am in fact a variable , then that means *i* get to choose the order of my priorities  … not you … and not the rules of “Yes”.

Logic is a tool. It has to be applied to something and within a restricted context (the assumptions) in order to have meaning. Spock’s logic is flawless in his original context. As he comes to understand later in life, that original context does not actually meet the needs of the many … because no man’s mind can ever logically and truly know the needs of the many, but one man’s heart can … it is possible.

The 3 laws of yes provide a context in which one is led to listen to their heart. Even you, are following the 3 laws, when you listen to your heart telling you to follow your choice in the matter.

Okay, that is *your* story of it, apparently not really grasping what *i* said null

Nonetheless *I* choose to follow your “The 3 Laws of YES” (or not) just as i do null

Exactly. And when you notice your reality flowing in smooth sync with your desires, you can look to what you are following and the order and you will notice that those are in sync with the 3 laws. When things are not as you wish, you also will be able to notice that something you are doing is not consistent with the 3 laws or their order.

That is what I believe. You can verify. I already have.  

The 3 laws are not like man’s laws. They are not something one chooses and abides by. They are like gravity. Respecting them allows one to dance and play and even fly. Disregarding them leaves one adrift in a system, such as logic, doing one’s best on one’s own … which may still, and probably is, quite wonderful over all … and yet, one can always do better. The 3 laws point the way.

Yep, nice story null … it does not seem to be changing with using different words.

And a nice experience too!

It’s interesting how one can do something with music that cannot be done with just speaking words.  For example some cannot talk without stuttering, yet can sing beautifully with no hesitation at all.

So recently as i have been driving while listening to classical music i have enjoyed running my hands on a imaginary keyboard … on the steering wheel or even in my mind.   It was totally enhancing my enjoyment of the music.  Then last night as i drove to Seattle the experience intensified.  I was there playing the actually music that i was hearing … i was doing it myself … and even more i was there composing the music.  Then i got the flash … i got the feeling that it was i making that music.  What is more i could even do it with more than just the piano notes.  I have the qualia … i have the experience.  I think i know what nathan is talking about. 

It is a nice experience … there is no doubt.  Yet  still that kind of qualia does not guide my life.  I dance for a different drummer.

#pianoPlaying #reality #qualia

And that kind of experience is available in every direction your attention can move. As you think, so you will be. All that is needed is focus, for a while, until your attention begins to move.

Not sure why you say you dance for a different drummer. It’s all your life. You are the drummer. Others may at times match your beat. You may at times match the beat of others. It’s all life, all your life. In the end, there are the sounds you made, the dance you yourself choreographed. 

Yes i know it can spread to whatever aspects of my life that i choose.

But it’s not about that … it’s not about my easy joy … nor is it really all that much about others … rather it is  about intention and change and my love of the perdicament  from which i sprang … and in particular, my own contribution to that  null null

You seem to be speaking in full concert “with” the 3 laws here.

Perhaps you could supply an example where the 3 laws did not apply to your life?

#sethhmmm … i’ll give it some thought … but not at the moment.

Well  my friend #experiences  doing something, yet others experience doing that same thing as well. 

There is a true #paradox there.