Through the Wormhole - Is Gun Crime a Virus?

Interesting series Topic.  Although some of the statistical inference may be bogus there is a modeling technique that uncovered some unusual insight & solutions.  Not all of them violate the 2nd amendment. 
Links directly to the episode information is difficult to create.
The fascinating thing is using the same techniques to counter the seditious elements in the Main $tream Media & the losing party in the last election.   You have to watch the titled series to figure out the connection.  Indeed the thing is all about connections; statistical, inferred, leaked, wikileaks etc.


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What about sedition – 
It hasn’t been prosecuted for a long time. Laws are still on the books – at least some part of the original. 
Seems as if FDR used it to intern the Japanese during WW-II.

i watched the “Is Gun Crime a Virus” episode via Xfinity on demand.  The did make the point stastically that the sperad of gun violence can be compared with the speread of a microb.  But strange that they don’t go all the way to identifying the micob as being actual “gun power”.  But i do … i take that leap in my thinking.  “Do microbs kill people?” is the same question as “Does “gun power” kill people?” … the answer to both is a resounding “Yes!”.

How very, very silly – make an abstract phrase the problem.  Can’t confiscate “gun power”. Can’t even make a law against “gun power” without re-writing the U.S. Constitution. Can’t arrest gun power.  The idea about making guns only fire by the registered owner is a plus. Think you can put people exercising gun power in jail – try it starting with the police, the armed forces, everyone that uses a gun to protect the people. I’m sure the ghettos will see it differently than outside them.  Then in a few years we can have this same silliness when someone blames “truck power” or “sword power” or “kinfe power” & maybe “bow & arrow power xor “explosive power”.

Then too I have never seen a gun so powerful that without external aid (electro-mechanical?) could fire itself  by itself.

But maybe somebody is onto something.  Liberalia invented “hate crimes”  although nobody has yet testified in court that they did an fMRI remotely on someone committing such a “crime” as hating someone or something.  Maybe some of the “Trump-haters” should be wary.