(2) Post the mailing list to SparkPost

This is mockup of the (2)st #SparkPost transaction in Newsletter Mailing System
  "id": "subscribers 2017-05-10",
  "recipients": [
          "address": {
              "email": "wilmaflin@yahoo.com",
              "name": "Wilma Lynn"

The list file “emaillist.cvs”  is generated by the local FoxPro program on denies’s computer.  
There is a sample of the CVS file here http://www.speaktomecatalog.com/testlist.csv In either case the data in the file would be converted to Json as indicated in the POST body. 
Note the doc for “recipients” says an Json Array.

The “id” would best be handled as an input.  Otherwise we would need to delete the old list and then add a new list with a fixed name.

I never have done this particular step through Postman.  What i did was to sign on to #SparkPost and use their web procedure that allows for an upload of a CSV file.