This tool is based upon quads.  Each new report is generated from mutated copies of old cloned reports.   Unfortunately (or fortunately) i have a rather long history of such reports to stand upon for our new newsletters. 

thinking out loud, here is the change i need to make …

There is a quad in all old reports which says … in context, subject,verb, object syntax
{newsletters,  date-of-production, title, “text of subject line”}

But the start of the Html output file is generated from this quad …
{newsletters, date-of-production, htmlHeader,  html object, see below}

the htmlHeader object is as follows … 
… yada yada yada styling commands ...

null so my problem is there is no <title> element in there or way to retrieve the variable from the quad in which it exists.  #shucks i will need to invent that … such was not included in the original design speck null

null i think i just figured it out.   Ignore the old “htmlHeader” quads entirely … they are  fixed anyway and never vary.   When the system encounters the actual “title” quad it will frame that object inside a fixed header  that never changes .   Then i can still clone all the old reports like i always have  and the system will insert new titles  from the new input title quad. 
Something like …
$htmlHeader = ’
yada yada style
</head></body>’ ;

Seth rules again nullnull! …

yet sorry null, i talked it out with denise and she wants to claim her credit too …
so #thanks → denise … null it when we do that null.

#OMG it worked the first time …


now to get the directory of newsletters to list the title with each

maybe insert a fuction  like this in there