Meaning and Awareness in a world with a variable foreground or self

Seth, inspired by My Latin Paper 1958 (comment 78183), says ...
interesting … thinking out loud here re “All that is perceived and identified as oneself appears to refer to a source from which these attributes come—existing within or behind our awareness—that we infer is the true entity that we are”  which also matches my conceptionsnull

this is something that i have been grasping for recently.

“Meaning”, as the result of “awareness”,  seems to be the connections between “oneself” (however that is varied to at the moment) (and/or some other foreground)  and what #PR refers to as “behind our awareness”.   I call it background … or the accumulated collection of connections in the particular context that crops up in a moment.  

So you can change either one … you can change what you have varied …

to be continued … like i said this is thinking out loud … a work in progress …
there is no call  for you to understand or crap on yet null



You can actually change a whole lot more than that, if you choose to.

It’s your reality. You did not specifically create those musicians above. They are others. What you created was a reality where musicians like that could appear to you and the likelihood that they would and the likelihood of how you would experience that occurrence. Those particular musicians were the ones, out of all the infinite possibilities in the verses, that coincided best, for their own needs and yours, to the coincidence of verses each of you is experiencing as your own reality.

Within that understanding is great possibility for change and choice. Way more than traditionally thought to be.