Old LP start

In the old days writing lines or letter practice (LP) was done differently. It started out with verses from Liber Legis. Later on it developed to verses from Book Chameleon & the Yi King.
https://1drv.ms/b/s!AuZtQFhDhkXrbFV7u2uQqsv6oZE is a copy of liber XV, PI – I wonder if anyone else can see it besides me.  It is a 2 page pdf in M$ OneDrive.


i can read it but it would be nice to be able to zoom it like on google drive.

I am on Windows 10 & there is a gadget at the bottom to zoome with.

I have used most of the free space on google drive & thought I would try OneDrive of M$

okay i missed that null … yes i can zoom null.  

i tend to use google tools so as not to run into $M’s proprietary gotchas now and again.  but i guess if i used  a $M machine all the time, i would feel differently.

when you upload here you upload to the google  cloud … for which i am currently paying … it is not included in your free google storage.  it is as economically sustainable as we make it so ourselves.  we are responsible for it ourselves.  #birdies intended.

Don’t see how to embed a pdf here. Has to have a url first.

you can actually just upload a pdf throught the image uploader .   then to view, just click the resultant icon. 

← for example

but to be honest you may (or may not) have  better control of it yourself with  the google or $M cloud tools.  i think it is a good idea that people use their own personal clouds to share documents like this … don’t get me wrong.