Midnight Cowboy in Seattle

I met Ryan O’Neal on the Waterfront  just outside of Starbucks.  He was striding talking loudly, his agitated message oddly directed at me.  Something about being mugged and brutalized by unnamed people in a heartless city.

I walked on, not involved.  He positioned himself in front in the street,  i was on the sidewalk,  and continued to talk loudly about his plight even looking at me.  I decided to stop and listen … his anomalous behavior being new, quite unlike an ordinary mad man or a beggar.  He was asking for nothing.

He was from a small town in Texas apparently stranded here in Seattle having booked passage on a trawler or some boat online,  yet not being able to board for lack of his stolen identification. The city was cruel, nobody listened, nobody cared … he was ignored and abused in Seattle. 

I told him Seattle was a great town, touched him on the sholder and said he reminded me of Midnight Cowboy.  His eyes mellowed. He calmed.  He mentioned he  was a bronco bull rider … he certainly had a body for that.
I offered to pay him for a portrait which you see here.   I said i would blog it and he gave me his email.  I am glad we met … we and the universe conspiring to #share this moment.

i was tempted to play Ratso to his Rizzo.

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