J Giles Chinese Dictionary on Google Books

-- not very searchable. The little numbers below the characters are the ones referenced in BC2 & the ming dictionary. At the end of each verse in BC2 (xor Rough Cloth)  are the numbers of the characters in Giles followed by the radical number.
For example (*) here is 9823 (sum) sum – apparently spelled SHEN in English in this dictionary.


Yes, here is the relevant page in #BC2.

J Giles Chinese Dictionary on Google Books must have been that giant book #CFR kept in his back room. 

Maybe i should start using some of the example phrases containing sum that appear promantly in Giles dictionary.

Yep.  The binder is coming apart on one of the volumes, but the pages are clean & on strong vellum or something.  I found if I look up the english words I can find things in the google books version easier. 
Was looking for Mencius’ notion “particle of the divine gale” when I ran into it this AM.

KOKOROMOCHI – P.1355 part of the art course not in the Yi King Commentaries:

- in perhaps chinghhay 

P.1531 #45,4 62-2-4-27-14-46-TUE "... This fourth line shows its subject quietly & calmly attentive to all regulations; there is progress & success due to deference which accepts the way (TAO) of the ruler above, neh, WAN JEET (peaceful regulations). CHING HHAY, is Ming for "Soberness" & means "firmness, uprightness", essential sanity, alertness, practical WOU. It is also that "divine afflatus of genius, the "particle of the divine gale" of Mencius - see P.1355. Limited or gradual, disciplined, ascent is like flowing water, where no energy is wasted, all applied to the matter at hand, thus to assure success. The line adapts itself to its position & is content to join with the line above - there is respect for authority of strong ruler, whose rules meet the circumstances & are not too strict or severe, but rather suave & tactful. However it is not often necessary to discuss points of virtue or conduct! "