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null … from this morning email



Yes, I almost fell into that 2 years ago to use for Playnexus website. Sounds really great.

I’m glad I didn’t though, because it was supposed to be ready in spring of 2015 … now 2 years later, is it actually ready now or are they still just selling it for the future?

shucks re the way a website can grow out of the thoughts of a group we may even be closer here with null … i don’t know … havent taken the time to study theirs.

Their’s arrives at a much more conventional end product. You simply throw a bunch of images and descriptions and text and product information at an AI algorithm which polishes up and normalizes all the images, proofs the text, and applies the “best fit AI choice” CSS styling to the end result to create a really great looking website matching what you supplied and some questions you answered about your business and goals.