The opposite of distinction.
The ability to destroy distinctions rather than master them or look to close


Distinctions are based on beliefs … they come out of beliefs. Without beliefs to compare things with, there would be few distinctions other than the natural ones the senses provide directly like light and dark, hot and cold, etc. All distinctions that are not directly out of sensory input obtain the contrasting elements, that make them a distinction at all, from beliefs.

So if one is hell bent on loosing beliefs, it follows that one is less inclined to put value on distinctions.

Distinctions are based on differences – mostly a perceptive; consciousness thingy. Beliefs come into the picture when you try to create meaning .  (See #TR)

Yes, I basically agree with that. And at the same time, change beliefs and the actual distinctions one notices will also change. Beliefs are foundational to the actual distinctions any particular person will find and focus on.

That doesn’t happen. Only your beliefs change.

#LOL … okay, let’s see, where do babies come from? The stork? Isn’t that what your parents told you once long ago and you and my Mom and the rest once believed?

Apparently you still do!

Enjoy the distinction of being wrong & savor it a while (nathan) – perhaps a new feeling , perhaps a new belief XOR ??? null

Oh thanks, but honestly? I got over the feeling of you being wrong a long time ago … about that time you red faced admitted I was right up in your room at Walgrove mid 80’s. Before that moment, you were pretty much a God to me.

Now, your simply wrong a lot … I don’t savor it. But thanks for the offering.

Yep same boring #TuQuoque shit to be expoected from you, nathan ! Enjoy your self-made #juice.

That I do! It’s ...