Money is not Valuable

Seth says ...

As direct knowing goes, money is very indirect.   i agree with the meme … go for what you value, forget about the #money … it will follow or not, who cares … after all now you got the value you wanted  null.

That our current culture seems hell bent to write the story differently is  something that we need to change for the future.
Hey!  direct versus indirect is quite a tangible concept that is very useful in understanding what we know.  Fact is #money is an indirect symbol of value.   Money is not value itself, rather it #represents a value in some context.  Go for the money if you want, but at least know that you are going for a paper map, rather than the territory it #represents. 

Speaktomecatalog is certainly deep into the #money … and no it cannot be separated from that in its current form … yet we are still dealing with the flow of value in our business  … the better we flourish, the better we know what is the real value that is flowing, even at speaktomecatalog.

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Well to the girl who wears gold to synchronize a glitter deep in her soul with her outside appearance her gold jewelry has value.  And its excellant conductivity lends value to those who use it in their electronics.  Yes #gold does have value relative to those who covet it.   But used as money it only represents value and has no value on its own.

This is actually pretty much common knowledge and the #reality of  the new culture in which we live, and should not even be controversial.  We should already have agreed upon this.   I do not understand any disagreement.

Wow your comment linked to my original, but landed on your copy in the right hand column.  Anyway “represents” & IS are different. Value is a huge economic consideration spanning centuries & possibly millennia. All is #mungeworthy if you focus on a little piece of it. The tendency to speak #mungworthy is a cousin of the #RWG because even those who know it can focus somewhere else & be right – 
even if you choose to have a flock of #birdies for distraction & pretend you are a mental magician.