Someone Packaged Qualia

No longer abstract!
null – some kind of feel good drug? The promo showed up in my facebook – Zuckerberg is sneaking shit in.


Is it spoof, or fake news? … or a new psychedelic drug? … hard to tell without delving deeper.

Basically they are selling you words, but it is a supplement.  
Main ingredients here .

well i have to take my hat off to their marketing stratagy.  we will see how it spreads.

#hmmm software upgrade. I have been designing something like this into my reality. Might try it out.   
Life’s a bitch, and then you redesign it.

Nope. Tuned into the answer today while riding my bike along the beach. For me, it is not more mental activity that will add value to my life. It is a better and more immediate connection between the feedback from the emotion generated by my last thought, and the next thought born from that. More mental activity, though it may make me appear more productive or effective, will not make me more effectively me.  

i can certainly see where you in particular would think that.