Speak.txt - mailing Procedure

  1. Click generator for speaktomecatalog.com/speak.txt
  2. Clone the last “speak.text” email in the REPORTER making up the current Subject line in the Form
  3. Click →  
  4. Click → 
    to send test mails and corrent and repeat from (1)
  5. Run Newsletter.prg on Denise’s computer to obtain the current mailing list
  6. Browse for the  blindlist.cvs on her computer and click the upload button 
  7. Click →  
  8. Click →
    to start the actual emails going out →
  9. wait for the campaign to complete … typically almost a week
  10. edit script  line 9 & 10 to reflect the duration of the mailing

  11. Click → 
    to write the sparkpost_bounces.csv and save them on Denies’s computer
  12.  Step 4 will read in the bounces the next time it is run.

see SparkPost dashboard
see mutable flowchart of procedure
for original source of buttons see Sparkpost API (master)
see comments on parent procedure Mailing Procedure for Speak Newsletters
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